Sodales Software for Regulated Industries

A full-suite health, safety and labor relations platform for regulated industries

A heavy reliance on manual processes and lack of digital systems makes it difficult to manage unionized workforces, reduce conflict rates and make business decisions for health, safety and labor relations in accordance with government regulations and collective bargaining agreements including work rules and attendance policies.

With a unified and integrated platform organizations can create a respectful workplace and enhance employee retention by improving relationships with your unionized workforce. Sodales is the only platform that brings enterprise health, safety, and labor relations processes under one roof with a goal to promote transparency and employee well-being. Sodales will amplify your ability to deliver a consistent approach with unions, associates, site managers and human resources to ultimately reduce union strike rates. Additionally, you can enhance collaboration, communication and policy management capabilities across employees, HR leadership, operations, customer service, employees and external auditors and regulatory bodies. Our award-winning platform is purpose built for regulated industries and provides best-in-class security, privacy and encryption capabilities.

Sodales Platform Capabilities:

  • Multi-union Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Management
  • Union Job Bidding with Seniority
  • Discipline Management
  • HR Case Management
  • Employee Relations Complaint Management
  • Union Grievance Management
  • Health and Safety Incident Management
  • Disability Management (OSHA)
  • Site Safety, Inspections and Audits
  • Return to Work and Accommodations (ADA)
  • Risk and Hazard Management
  • Consistent, standardized processes promote well-being and engagement– and ensure you’re always on the right side of compliance. When you put people at the heart of your business – you can support, protect, and empower them in even the most challenging work environment.