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Socure ID+ for Accurate Identity Verification & Fraud Prevention

As the leading provider of digital identity verification and fraud detection and prevention solutions, Socure Inc. supports government agencies in benefits eligibility and enrollment, digital identity verification, fraud prevention, and public sign-in services.

This comprehensive identity verification platform combines advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with analytics and unrivaled data coverage to deliver the industry’s most accurate solution for validating users. This best-in-class approach analyzes and correlates facets of an individual’s digital identity, enabling equitable and inclusive access to public programs.

Socure’s solutions are fully automated—accessible via a single, RESTful API and can be implemented so they serve online, call center, and in-person use cases. For in-person use cases, Socure can embed its capabilities into a kiosk easily operable by a consumer. This supports identity verification for individuals without internet access.

Online government systems are heavily reliant on the ability to remotely and accurately verify the identities of individuals in need of services without compromising the user experience. Eligibility, claim, benefit, tax, funding, grant and sign-on systems can be modernized with Socure's accurate and automated identity decisions.

Additionally, government agencies implementing Socure ID+ can now gauge whether an identity is real and belongs to the person applying for access, while reducing or eliminating manual reviews, improving program integrity, reducing bias-driven friction for under-represented populations, and protecting taxpayer dollars from fraud.

Founded in 2012, Socure’s platform is the gold standard for 1,300 clients across government, healthcare, online gaming, telecom, e-commerce, fintechs, and financial services including banks, credit bureaus, card issuers, money services, and payroll providers. It is backed by the world’s best growth equity and public market investors, including some of their clients.

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