Snowflake Solutions for the Public Sector


Many Data Workloads, One Platform

Conventional data warehouses and big data solutions struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to make it easy to amass all your data, enable rapid analytics, and derive data-driven insights for all your business users.

To solve that, we built a new SQL data warehouse from the ground up for the cloud. It’s designed with a patented new architecture to handle all aspects of data and analytics. The result? A data warehouse that delivers the performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other data warehouses.



Data Warehouse

Accelerate your analytics with the data platform built to enable the modern cloud data warehouse. Get fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective access to all your data.

Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse delivers what today’s organizations and their customers and business partners demand.



Data lake


Data Lake

Improve data access, performance, and security with a modern data lake strategy. Enable rapid data access, query performance, and data transformation, while capitalizing on Snowflake’s built-in data governance and security.

Snowflake provides the most flexible solution to enable or enhance your data lake strategy, with a cloud-built architecture that meets your unique needs. Mix and match components of data lake design patterns and unleash the full potential of your data.




Data Engineering

Build simple, reliable data pipelines in the language of your choice. Snowflake streamlines data engineering, while delivering performance and reliability. Easily ingest, transform, and deliver all your data for faster, deeper insights.

With Snowflake, data engineers can spend little to no time managing infrastructure, avoiding such tasks as capacity planning and concurrency handling. Instead, they can focus on more value-add activities towards delivering your data.


Keyboard & monitor


Data science


Data Science

Simple data preparation for modeling with your framework of choice. Your data scientists spend 80% of their time searching for and preparing data. Imagine their business impact without that burden. Traditional data warehouses and data lakes are too slow and restrictive for data scientists.

Snowflake’s cloud data platform is built to seamlessly integrate and support the machine learning libraries and tools data scientists rely on. Our near-unlimited data storage and instant and near-infinite compute resources can rapidly scale to meet the demands of analysts and data scientists.




Data Applications

Simplify developing data-intensive applications that scale cost-effectively, and consistently deliver fast analytics. Launch new features faster with simplified data pipelines and improved engineering efficiency.

Snowflake’s cloud data platform powers applications with virtually unlimited performance, concurrency, and scale. Delivered as a service, Snowflake handles the infrastructure complexity, so you can focus on innovating with the data applications you build.


Code on screen


Data collaboration


Data Collaboration

Securely share and collaborate on live data across agencies and partners. Deliver seamless data collaboration while reducing costs and revealing new insights.

Snowflake’s cloud data platform enables federal agencies to improve data-driven collaboration across teams, departments, and agencies with your own data exchange, and invite other parts of your organization to securely access and contribute data, without copying or moving data.