Rapidly deliver better Salesforce experiences

Creating user-friendly Salesforce applications often involves complex custom code, declarative intricacies, or a combination of both. Skuid for Salesforce unleashes the platform's potential, enabling the development of superior experiences within deadlines while significantly reducing technical debt.

Build and customize fast, no code required

Skuid empowers implementation partners, app developers, and internal dev teams to accelerate their delivery. Cut development time by 90%, eliminate technical debt, and maintain optimal outcomes. Deploy apps using Salesforce ALM tools and adhere to best practices. If coding is still needed, Skuid offers extensibility via JS, HTML, and CSS.

  • Diverse component library: forms, tables, charts, calendars, buttons, and more. 
  • Client-side logic: craft custom UI interactions and automation for dynamically powerful pages.‍ 
  • Versatile data integration: connect to any object—custom or standard—in any platform-based cloud, all within a single screen.

Pixel precision and UX delight at scale

Achieve pixel-perfect designs, incorporating style guides and branding into a scalable design system across all pages and apps—no CSS or HTML expertise required. Simplify navigation by enabling users to edit multiple records across various objects on a single screen. Attain the desired user experience without compromising budget or timeline.

  • Design System Studio: apply style guides precisely, from tables to text
  •  Unleashed properties: detailed customization options for each component and page‍
  • Swift prototyping: test ideas early with real data in Skuid pages built within minutes

Keep your people engaged and productive

Skuid is an ideal solution for government and private-sector organizations striving to consistently deliver branded digital experiences to employees within budget and on time. Use Skuid with Salesforce Experience Cloud to build mobile employee portals, performance review templates, wellness schedulers, and more—508-compliant and branded—all without code.

  • Salesforce Knowledge: simplify article retrieval and enhance value
  • Wellness portals: facilitate easy self-scheduling with healthcare providers and mental health professionals‍ 
  • Salesforce Mobile Publisher: deploy a fully customized UX with Skuid, without code

Branded public portals that drive outcomes

Streamline supplier and vendor form submissions, simplify case submissions and follow-ups, and provide partners with the marketing information needed to boost revenue.

  • Customer portals: offer self-service options for customers‍ 
  • Partner portals: drive revenue through simple deal registration 
  • Vendor and supplier portals: guide users with dynamic, self-building forms for fast and easy proposal submission