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The 4Gs of Generative AI

"Artificial intelligence (AI) has been transforming business processes, technology, and customer experiences for several years. However, recent attention has focused on its ability to produce 'creative' materials such as text, images, videos, and conversations. ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, and other AI platforms are gaining popularity with companies and individuals alike and are poised to unlock untapped potential and efficiency when it comes to creativity." Read more on Skuid's Blog>>>

Building pixel-perfect Experience Cloud portals with Skuid

"Whether you call it a portal, support community, or something else, a Salesforce Experience Cloud site can be an essential part of your customer, partner, and/or employee relationships. These sites allow you to create branded digital experiences for sharing information, providing enablement materials, explaining processes, or collaborating with the people who play an important part in what your organization does." Read more on Skuid's Blog>>>

OpenAI Integration with Skuid

"We’ve all heard the hype around AI, so we won’t add to it here. In a nutshell, powerful new AI and machine learning capabilities are raising interesting prospects around automation and efficiency. As a result, all the major technology players are integrating this technology into their products." Read more on Skuid's Blog>>>