The leading search-based investigative intelligence solution with an open-architecture that is self-service.

Every investigation at its core is a search for – a clue, a person of interest, or an answer to a question.

Siren Platform is the market’s only search-based investigative intelligence platform. The Siren Investigate user experience combines an enterprise search engine with dashboards and link analysis. Intelligence analysts and criminal investigators get the tools they need to quickly search through massive volumes of data to get the information they need.

Analysts and investigators get AI-driven tools to augment their investigations including:

  • Natural language processing to extract entities such as names, license plates, and phrases out of narratives and unstructured text,
  • Entity resolution to match names are represented differently (e.g., J. Doe and John Doe) across the various sources of data,
  • Machine learning for anomaly detection (e.g., crime pattern analysis),
  • Dataspaces to make sensitive data available on a need-to-know basis,
  • Customizable alerts and subsequent actions that are triggered at the occurrence of specific set of words (e.g., name of a person of interest) or conditions (e.g., proximity of a person to a location),
  • Timelines and maps to augment link charts and show the location of entities over time to illustrate the evolution of connections among entities and events.

Siren Federate enables the fusing of data from disparate sources within Siren Platform through a dynamic data model that visually represents how entities are related across the various sources. Data is ingested into Siren Federate using a variety of tools including JDBC and web services. Through Siren Federate, digital forensic data, metadata from audio and video, and call data records can be combined with internal databases to provide a more complete picture.

Siren Platform is the only self-service investigative tool which can easily adapt it to customer requirements, export data, and integrate with existing tools without purchasing Siren professional services.

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