SimpliGov Quick Implementation

Build Faster. Build Stronger. Build Smarter.

SimpliGov's combination of intuitive drag-and-drop ease of use, seamless integration with any existing system infrastructure, and quick scalability and customization delivers immediate ROI as you easily transform and accelerate your operational processes in record time.

It takes only 5 quick steps:

  1. First, we team with you to understand your processes and how SimpliGov can solve your challenges through workflow automation.
  2. Then, you design forms using drag-and-drop tools that are intuitively simple to learn and use.
  3. Next, design workflows with ease using our graphical, drag-and-drop interface where there’s no programming necessary, unlike most complex enterprise applications.
  4. Voila! You publish to production in hours or days, not months or quarters, so you're seeing immediate ROI.
  5. Now you’ll profit from centralized, optimized and transparent transaction management, version control, multi-platform data integration, audit trails and analytics, and more.