Senzing provides highly accurate matching and linking of records about people and organizations, within and across data sources. This process is called entity resolution. Senzing is the first company to provide real-time AI for entity resolution. By determining who is who and who is related to whom within your data in real time, Senzing entity resolution software produces human-like, or better, decisions in seconds. Senzing software is highly accurate and scalable and extremely affordable and easy to deploy and use. You can even download Senzing and try it for free.

The resolved and related entity data Senzing creates can be used to deliver better results for:

  • Fraud detection (healthcare, retirement, disability benefits and internal fraud)
  • Risk scoring (employee, applicant and vendor background checks, continuous vetting)
  • Intelligence (watch list screening, investigations)
  • Bad Guy Hunting/Law enforcement (intersections between suspects, bad actors and people of interest)

You can use Senzing to build scalable entity resolution into applications and data services or run it alongside your existing systems to ensure their data is accurate and complete.

We ship you code, you deploy on premises or in your cloud. No private data ever flows to Senzing. No training or tuning, or entity resolution experts required to run Senzing.


  • Senzing App: Run world-class, plug-and-play entity resolution software on your Windows or Mac desktop or smaller projects and data sets up to 5M records. Quickly realize the benefits of Senzing advanced entity resolution capabilities.
  • Senzing API: Easily integrate highly accurate and scalable real-time entity resolution into new or existing applications and data services. Includes application programming interfaces (APIs), microservices and built-in artificial intelligence that enable any software or data engineer, using Java, Python, or C, to quickly and affordably detect who is who and who is related to whom in data.