SentinelOne Solutions for the Public Sector

  • SentinelOne Endpoint Protection

    Leading next-generation solution that leverages powerful behavior-based threat detection to protect. Features include:

    • Autonomous Sentinel agent Storyline engine
    • Static AI & Sentinel Cloud file-based attack prevention
    • Behavioral AI fileless attack detection
    • Autonomous Threat Response / Kill, Quarantine (Win, Mac, Linux)
    • Autonomous Rollback Response / 1-Click, no scripting (Win)
    • Quarantine device from network
    • Incident Analysis (MITRE ATT&CK, timeline, explorer, team annotations)
    • Agent anti-tamper
    • App Inventory
  • SentinelOne ActiveEDR

    Endpoint Detection & Response for security operations. Features include:

    • Deep Visibility ActiveEDR
    • Deep Visibility Storyline pivot
    • Deep Visibility hunt by MITRE ATT&CK technique
    • Automated Storyline Active Response (STAR) watchlist
    • Secure Remote Shell (Windows Powershell, Mac & Linux bash)
    • Manual. Auto file fetch (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • Deep Visibility Mark Benign finding as Threat for enforcement response
    • Extended EDR Historical Data Storage (available 14-365 days)
  • SentinelOne Ranger

    IoT Detection & Response against all threats across the network, including rogue devices. Solution that turns every protected endpoint into a network of sensors, capable of identifying and defending against any IoT and connected device threat.