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A Comprehensive Security Solution for the Public Sector

Security Compass, a leader in Security by Design, was founded in 2004 by a team of experienced penetration testers and security professionals. They enable public sector organizations to build secure applications from the outset, integrated directly with existing DevSecOps tools and workflows. Unlike traditional approaches, Security Compass's proactive Security by Design philosophy ensures systems are built securely from the start of development, rather than relying solely on testing for vulnerability identification. Trusted by top U.S. government agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense, financial and technology organizations, and global brands across industries, Security Compass is a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions.

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Accelerate your Authority to Operate (ATO) and achieve secure software delivery at scale.

While addressing security vulnerabilities is crucial, it can be expensive, reactive, and impede software delivery timelines. SD Elements is a trusted secure application development platform for U.S. federal government agencies.

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We also offer two free courses:

Achieving Rapid or Continuous ATO (cATO)

Enroll in our free course to master continuous ATO fundamentals and leverage SD Elements to accelerate delivery and control risk.

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Introduction to U.S. Cybersecurity Compliance Requirements

Unlock insights into U.S. Cybersecurity compliance requirements with our complimentary course, which demonstrates how to effectively shift your development process to the left.

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