Securin Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Penetration Testing

    Learn how adversaries can exploit your vulnerabilities and weaknesses to breach your critical systems and sensitive data. Our penetration testing (pentesting) simulates a real-world attack on your digital assets. We adopt a hacker’s perspective to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in your environment to determine if we can move laterally and compromise your entire IT infrastructure and applications. Our testers conduct a real-world assault using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, NIST 800-115, and TTPs used by hackers to compromise systems and breach networks. Our proven penetration testing methodology proactively identifies gaps and vulnerabilities within your network as our experts simulate real-world attacks on your environment.

  • Vulnerability Management as a Service

    With new vulnerabilities and threats emerging daily, your organization needs a vulnerability management program that continuously scans your environment for dangerous vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on security criteria. Securin’s Vulnerability Management is a comprehensive program that provides you with complete visibility of all vulnerabilities within your organization’s network, mapped to known threats and prioritized for remediation. Securin experts take a risk-based approach to prioritize your vulnerabilities. Each vulnerability is weighed against weaponization, availability of exploits, risk associations to ransomware, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups.You can swiftly identify vulnerabilities that attract attackers and remediate them before they are exploited.

  • External Attack Surface Management Platform

    The Securin ASM platform performs continuous reconnaissance of your attack surface and provides near real-time alerts on threats to critical business systems. This gives you an unparalleled perspective of how attackers view your organization and possible security gaps. The platform discovers, analyzes, prioritizes, and offers remediation plans for exposures in all of your internet-facing assets: cloud, containers, ports, netblocks, certificates, APIs, SaaS, and applications (web and mobile). The platform also meticulously classifies and fingerprints assets to prioritize exposures based on severity and asset criticality for your organization. Securin automatically triages and tags all assets using a proprietary algorithm. Our platform analyzes exposures based on the asset type, context, and criticality, providing your IT team with actionable intelligence, enabling you to defend against evolving threats and insidious cyberattacks proactively.

  • Vulnerability Intelligence Platform

    Securin’s Vulnerability Intelligence (VI) provides your security team with an entire spectrum of vulnerability information on more than 250,000 vulnerabilities through an intuitive dashboard or integrated APIs. Powered by 700+ authentic intelligence feeds, Securin VI’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models continuously measure a vulnerability’s risk by dynamically tracking its trajectory from exploitation to weaponization. Securin’s VI provides unparalleled coverage, with data being collected continuously from multiple different sources (both structured and unstructured)—MITRE, the NVD, CNAs, vendor advisories, trusted third-party sources like National CERTs, scanners, deep and dark web forums, social media, internally curated sources, and many more.