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Fast-Track to Modernizing Data Access Authorization

SecuPi is the leading platform for modernizing data security governance.

Recent Federal Zero-Trust directives have emphasized the need to adopt new approaches to enabling dynamic data access authorization.   SecuPi’s unified data security platform fits very strongly with the DoD’s Zero Trust Reference Architecture requirements for:

  • Fine-grain data access authorization based on dynamic attributes (i.e. ABAC)
  • Encryption for Data-in Motion based on NIST standard Format Preserving Encryption.
  • Dynamic Masking for run-time presentation of authorized views.

SecuPi’s unified platform for data security also benefits organizations through its strong Total Cost of Ownership advantage.  With SecuPi’s “No Code” approach implementation is streamlined because there are no required changes to data bases or applications, accelerating projects through lower cost and faster implementation.

Available both for on-premises or cloud-based projects, SecuPi brings Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) with no code changes to applications for:

  • DBA queries like Dbeaver,
  • Business Intelligence applications like Tableau,
  • Big data operations like Hive or Spark,
  • Catalogs for Data like Collibra
  • Data transport Middleware like Kafka, and even
  • Proprietary business Applications

SecuPi’s data security platform enables more granular and dynamically defined permissions as required to move toward a Zero-Trust data security architecture, and does so across a wide array of IT environments:

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