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Rapidly accredit commercial software to power your mission

Meeting the security and compliance requirements to deliver SaaS solutions to the Department of Defense is a daunting task, often taking years and costing up to millions of dollars to accomplish. This barrier drives away countless commercial software companies from working with the DoD, especially start-ups and small businesses. It also prevents the military, the world’s largest procurer of IT, from buying high quality commercial SaaS products.

Second Front Systems’ Game Warden® DevSecOps platform and secure cloud hosting environment removes the burden from commercial software companies by enabling them to leverage inheritable security controls and a DoD-approved platform to accelerate software delivery.

The platform is hosted on AWS GovCloud and built in line with the DoD DevSecOps reference design and DoD continuous Authority to Operate (ATO) memo signed by the DoD senior information security officer.

Game Warden for DoD

Game Warden accelerates government go-to-market timelines for commercial software in the DoD at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional pathways. Built by a team featuring former founders and senior leaders of U.S. government organizations such as the Defense Innovation Unit, Kessel Run, Digital Futures and blended with engineers from top

Game Warden boasts customers ranging from publicly traded defense contractors to startups who are looking to enter the DoD marketplace, and everything in between

By abstracting out much of the burdensome security and compliance work, Second Front Systems’ Game Warden enables companies to accelerate their migration to the cloud, opens doors to new markets for commercial software companies, and is helping the DoD leverage the cloud revolution at the speed and scale of relevance.