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  • Enterprise Analytics

    Governments adapting to change: Top tips for shifting to an enterprise analytics strategy

    • Governments can't afford to rely on siloed and inconsistent historical data to achieve their multifaceted missions in today’s rapidly changing world. By adopting an enterprise analytics strategy, governments can harness a dynamic, evolving capability where questions are asked, data is analyzed, decisions are made – and outcomes of those decisions become new data that’s fed back into models that learn and adapt. This always-learning approach helps governments stay prepared to serve and protect citizens regardless of how circumstances change.
  • Regulation comment analysis
  • Workforce analytics and personnel readiness

    How Public Sector Agencies Can Use Analytics to Lead Through Crisis

    • When public service leaders need to make vital decisions quickly – to guide people through a crisis and save lives – data analytics is essential. Analytics positions leaders to act based on evidence, with confidence that their choices will deliver the best possible outcomes. To mitigate the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAS recommends using a framework that’s built on a three-phased approach: respond, recover and reimagine.

    Governments leading through change: How analytics and AI are helping agencies face unprecedented challenges

    • In this e-book, SAS has collected the wisdom and stories of the government agencies that are rising to the challenges of our times and applying analytics to drive evidence-based decision making. These stories are pulled from every sector of government and are relevant across all sectors because they each share innovative new ways to respond to a changing landscape. Government sectors that are covered include: Public finance, transportation, education, public health, social benefits and local government.

    Advanced analytics fight opioid misuse

    • With opioid deaths at an alarming high, it’s more important than ever to fight opioid misuse with an analytics-based approach. SAS provides an integrated analytics platform that fuses data across government agencies to help prevent overdose deaths, manage risks from wholesalers and prescribers, identify and track criminal contributors, disrupt the cycle of harm among supervised populations, and evaluate prevention and treatment approaches.
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  • Benefits Fraud Detection

    Medicaid and Medicare fraud: Strengthen your state budget by quickly detecting and preventing fraud and improper payments

    • Fraud in government assistance programs has exploded over the past few years, and a traditional pay-and-chase approach to fighting it is no longer sufficient. A comprehensive solution from SAS can thwart sophisticated fraud schemes, target payment integrity issues and help contain costs.

    Payment integrity: Predict fraud and detect loss to improve your medical loss ratio

    • SAS is the only vendor to combine three disciplines - behavioral analytics, claim analytics and clinical targeting - into a comprehensive payment integrity solution available through multiple deployment options (including cloud for a fast implementation).

    Fraud Prevention & Detection - Protecting the Payments

    • As unemployment insurance claims increased dramatically because of pandemic job losses, incidents of fraud have also grown exponentially in federal and state government systems. With the increased number of unemployment claims and the CARES act changes, identity theft cases have skyrocketed over the last two years. Organized gangs of international hackers targeted state agencies and their aging IT systems. Estimates of the amount of money lost run close to $90 billion. The solution for many state agencies has been the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics to identify suspicious behavior and flag questionable accounts. States are also sharing UI claims data in an online exchange system, and others are requiring a dual authentication process to reduce fraud and abuse of the systems. But they all recognize the need to be able to monitor large volumes of claims and the patterns of data that signal fraud.

  • Insider Threat

    SAS Detection and Investigation for Government (product brief)

    • SAS Detection and Investigation for Government helps governments detect and prevent both opportunistic and professional fraud through improved data effectiveness and analytics. Standardize, integrate, and authenticate data and consolidate program integrity activities to stop payments before they’re made. Investigators can identify abnormalities and patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity using visualization and analysis techniques. SAS calculates the propensity for fraud at each stage of a process with a fraud analytical engine that uses multiple techniques, such as: automated business rules, predictive modeling, machine learning and AI, search and discovery and network link analysis.

    SAS for Procurement Integrity Video

    • It's the 2nd-largest economic crime on the planet, yet no one is talking about it. Take a proactive approach to ensure procurement integrity and prevent fraud on a single, intuitive, easy-to-use platform.
  • Detection and Investigations

    Investigations management for government solution brief

    • SAS can help its customers improve governance, trust and transparency through comprehensive, data-driven audits and inspections.
  • Insider Threat and Continuous Monitoring

    Modernize your procurement process to maintain its integrity and reduce costs solution brief

    • SAS for procurement integrity uses automation to accelerate the process and free up valuable resources for more consistency. By bringing together data from disparate external sources, you gain better situational awareness to make quick decisions about whether to stop invoices, payments or purchase orders. And through detection of the most obscure instances of error or abuse, we help you reduce disruption and delays for the most low-risk items so there is minimal impact on customer service.

    Procurement integrity powered by continuous monitoring whitepaper

    • Why do many otherwise well-intentioned employees feel tempted to commit fraud – and end up being successful for so long? In many cases, there simply aren't sufficient controls in place to detect and deter them. See why you can't afford to wait to take action. And learn how SAS Continuous Monitoring for Procurement Integrity can help you understand and mitigate your procurement fraud risk.
  • Anti-Money Laundering
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