SAP NS2 Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Machine Learning

    To date, analysts have struggled to balance the manual effort of sifting through massive data with the human insight necessary to make the information actionable. Machine learning can revolutionize the analysis cycle by dramatically accelerating the ingest and evaluation of data, leaving the analysts to focus on asking the bigger questions. With SAP Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software, you can build an intelligent enterprise that maximizes the impact of both human expertise and computer insights.

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  • Analytical Insights

    As the mission and cyber threats become increasingly asymmetric, SAP NS2 helps you stay one step ahead with analytics that fuel insight and knowledge in any technology environment. We leverage technology from SAP to help you transform massive data into meaningful intelligence so you can take action even faster to protect American lives and assets.

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  • Data Fusion

    More data is collected every second, than at any time in history. This leads to data overload, and with overload comes chaos. At SAP NS2, we help you control the chaos and turn data into actionable intelligence, at the speed of the mission.

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