Samsung Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition

The military smartphone with defense-grade security

Resulting from years of experience creating tailored solutions for military and defense customers, the Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition is an unlocked smartphone that features a pre-configured software suite, backed by Samsung Knox defense-grade security, to support tactical communications systems and applications. Enabled for use in classified environments, this military phone is backed by Samsung services and support making us your trusted partner for situational awareness and classified communications solutions.

  • Operational readiness: A mission-capable military smartphone integrating proven hardware and tailored software solutions designed for classified environments, resulting in faster deployment and simplified management.
  • Interoperability: Keeps the operator connected to the objective wherever the mission takes them with a tailored software suite that integrates with common tactical radios and peripherals used in mission-critical environments.
  • Defense-grade security: Featuring Knox, the mobile security platform chosen by agencies for classified use that secures the device down to the hardware, meeting or exceeding the most stringent requirements for mission-critical environments.
  • Proven & trusted: Forged in the line of duty developing mission-critical solutions for our most demanding customers, a scalable, affordable mobile solution that puts situational awareness in the hands of the operator and works with military-grade phone cases from our partners.


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