SambaNova Solutions for the Public Sector


SambaNova Systems DataScale

Future-proof your data center for next-generation AI workloads.

SambaNova Systems DataScale® lets you break free from the constraints of today’s legacy technologies by providing you with the core infrastructure to run cutting-edge AI applications at scale from the data center to the cloud—and to the edge.

Architected using SambaNova Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow ArchitectureTM (RDA) and built using open standards and user interfaces, SambaNova DataScale is an integrated software and hardware systems platform optimized from algorithms to silicon. Our software-defined-hardware approach delivers unmatched efficiency across applications from training, inference, data analytics, high performance computing (HPC) and more—and all can run on SambaNova DataScale.

Download the DataScale Datasheet here


SambaNova Systems DataFlow-as-a-ServiceTM

Designed to augment the expertise of your machine learning team, Dataflow-as-a-Service provides best-in-class solutions to meet your unique requirements.



Download the Dataflow-as-a-Service Solution Brief here