S-Docs Solutions for the Public Sector

Achieve operational excellence and mission success with S-Docs. Learn how you can eliminate resource waste, enhance efficiency, and build lasting constituent trust with FedRAMP-ready document automation and e-signature solutions.


  • Document Automation
    Effortlessly create, distribute, and store mission-critical documents with data securely merged from Salesforce Government Cloud. Generate approval forms, certificates, reports, HR documentation, and more with button clicks or background automation. Save hours of time, improve citizen experiences, and build lasting trust with on-time, accurate documents.

  • E-Signature
    Process agreements more seamlessly and securely with S-Sign. Capture e-signatures and other input, write data back to Salesforce, and track the entire process to streamline approvals, contracts, and more. Modernize your processes while maintaining the highest standards of security and data protection.
  • Pixel-Perfect Paperwork

    Design stunning templates in Salesforce or upload your own PDFs to ensure document appearance and content align with your most precise requirements every time - not a pixel out of place.

  • Experience Cloud Integration

    Deliver seamless digital processes to your constituents by adding S-Docs document automation to your Experience Cloud portals. Allow users to submit & sign applications and generate other self-service paperwork as needed. S-Docs allows you to transform your digital experience and build lasting trust.

  • Batch Processing

    Simplify your high-volume paperwork requirements with S-Docs bulk document generation. Create and distribute dynamic, data-driven documents for hundreds of Salesforce records simultaneously. Save time, reduce errors, and accelerate service delivery - efficiently & securely.

  • FedRAMP Ready

    S-Docs complies with FedRAMP Low, Medium, and High levels and the Department of Defense Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide at Impact Levels 2 and 4 (IL-2 and IL-4). And since S-Docs is built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform, it never sends data outside of Salesforce Government Cloud.