Run:ai Solutions for the Public Sector

Run:ai Atlas: The Foundation for AI Clouds

Using Run:ai’s Atlas software platform, companies streamline the development, management and scaling of AI applications across any infrastructure (on-premises, edge, cloud). Researchers gain on-demand access to pooled resources for any AI workload. An innovative, cloud-native operating-system helps IT manage everything from fractions of GPUs to large-scale distributed training. Learn more at


The Atlas Platform consists of four layers:

  • Application Layer

    Develop and run your AI Applications on accelerated infrastructure using Run:ai integrated tools or any data science tools of your choice

  • Control Plane

    Gain centralized visibility and control across multiple clusters no matter where they are located.

  • Operating System

    Schedule and manage any AI workloads - build, train, inference - via our cloud-native operating system. The OS consists of a GPU abstraction layer and a Kubernetes-based AI workload scheduler.

  • Infrastructure Resources

    Orchestrate AI workloads across compute resources whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.