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RSA Public Sector Solutions

RSA provides mission critical cybersecurity capabilities across the Public Sector

RSA is the premiere provider of intelligence-driven data security solutions to the Federal, State, and Local government, serving every cabinet level agency, each military service, and the intelligence community. Every day, RSA serves the mission of government, helping solve the most complex and sensitive cybersecurity challenges:

  • Defending against advanced threats
  • Managing digital risk
  • Safeguarding access and collaboration
  • Preventing web-based fraud

RSA delivers agile controls for identity assurance, fraud detection, and data protection; robust Security Analytics and industry-leading governance, risk and compliance (GRC) capabilities; and expert consulting and advisory services, including time-critical breach response services.

  • RSA Solutions for Government From Carahsoft: Advanced Security Options

    Security Operations Centers (SOCs) need collaborative, cross-disciplinary teams with highly specialized skill sets to combat advanced cyber threats. RSA provides professional services and products to help you build a best-in-class SOC:

    • RSA’s Advanced Cyber Defense Practice provides a range of solutions to help agencies protect their mission, drive operational efficiencies, and evolve with a dynamic threat environment. RSA’s Enterprise Compromise Assessment Tool (ECAT) is an enterprise threat-detection and response solution designed to monitor and protect IT environments from undesirable software and the most elusive malware.
    • RSA’s Security Analytics suite is designed to provide security organizations with the situational awareness needed to deal with their most pressing security issues.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

    RSA’s Archer GRC suite provides you with clear visibility into all of the risks that your organization needs to manage, giving you confidence that your compliance posture and your security posture are optimally managed. RSA Archer provides a capability that helps you manage risk and compliance use-cases across the business. Get a holistic view across the organization in rolled-up, actionable reporting that brings all of this information together for executive leaders.

  • Identity & Access Management

    The critically sensitive data, systems, devices, and facilities that the Federal government necessarily utilizes combine to create an environment uniquely susceptible to unauthorized access. RSA SecurID solutions help provide the market leading capabilities you need to:

    • Build trust in your identity ecosystem.
    • Know your users and how they interact with your systems.
    • Leverage identity intelligence across your security program.
    • Provide ease and flexibility for the end user.
  • Fraud & Risk Intelligence

    Despite the security measures taken by most organizations, fraud and misuse continue to increase at alarming rates. RSA’s Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite offers a complete portfolio of strong authentication and anti-fraud technologies designed to help organizations:

    • Manage the overall risk of remote channel activities and transactions.
    • Inspire user confidence through enhanced protection.
    • Mitigate the risk of cybercrime, fraud, misuse and identity theft.


Archer provides holistic integrated risk management on a single, configurable platform that manages multiple dimensions of risk and drives accountability across your internal functions and extended third-party ecosystems.



Calibrating Your Digital Risk in a Rapidly Evolving World 

Today, the need for risk management in government has grown along with agencies’ digital footprints...



Case Study
RSA Archer Third Party Engagement: Use Case for Third Party Governance

Organizations are increasingly using third parties to support their operations and deliver products and services to their clients...


RSA logo 


RSA Archer Third Party Security Risk Monitoring: Use Case for Third Party Governance

RSA Archer® Third-Party Security Risk Monitoring powered by RiskRecon delivers transparent security measurements, analytics, and analyst-level insight to dramatically improve your third-party risk management program.


RSA logo


Archer Audit Management

With limited resources and more responsibility, internal audit departments struggle to deliver strategic leadership, coordinated assurance and other services their stakeholders need...


RSA logo


Archer Third Party Governance

Archer Third Party Governance automates and streamlines oversight of vendor relationships...



Solutions Brief
RSA Archer Business Resiliency

Organizations are becoming a complex tapestry of products and services, processes, technologies, third parties, employees and more...


Solution Brief
Archer IT & Security Risk Management

With Archer IT & Security Risk Management, your cybersecurity toolkit can benefit from enhanced visibility, analytics, action, and metrics.


RSA logo


FCW Workshop: Supply Chain Risk

Technologies, framework can help agencies automate and manage third party lifecycle.


RSA Archer Suite For The U.S. Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense (DoD), like all federal agencies, is in the midst of modernization to support its mission and maintain competitive advantage for today’s warfighters...



The NetWitness® Platform is an evolved SIEM and XDR solution that empowers security teams to rapidly detect and understand the full scope of a compromise. With a design that aligns business context to security risks, it closes the gaps of technology-only solutions and ensures that IT security is optimized to support an organization’s strategic goals. The NetWitness Platform delivers the industry’s most complete visibility, integrating logs, network data, and endpoints, and applying threat intelligence and behavior analytics across the cloud, on-premises and within virtual environments. This unique combination of functionality allows security organizations to detect threats faster, prioritize with confidence, streamline investigation, and automatically respond. The breadth of visibility and depth of analytics make security analysts more effective and efficient and allows them to stay ahead of the threats that can severely impact operations, financial performance and reputation.


Cyber Risk And The Remote Workforce: 5 Points of Vulnerability and 5 Ways to Manage Them 

In what seems like no time, many organizations have made a remarkable pivot from perhaps a few people working from home to most or all working from home...



9 Ways RSA NetWitness Platform Can Help Your Agency Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

Today's federal agencies face an unprecedented cybersecurity landscape...


RSA logo 


Executive Briefing Series: Securing the Remote Workforce

Government experts discuss how the remote access boom will accelerate both cybersecurity and the validity of the notion that a remote workforce can accomplish the mission...


RSA logo


Solutions Brief
Leaders in Innovation: Identity and Access Management

Tap into your full potential as a threat hunter with RSA NetWitness Platform...



RSA NetWitness Platform: Accelerated Threat Detection and Response for Endpoint to the Cloud

Organizations are becoming a complex tapestry of products and services, processes, technologies, third parties, employees and more...


RSA logo


Enabling the Dynamic Workforce with Deep Visibility

With limited resources and more responsibility, internal audit departments struggle to deliver strategic leadership, coordinated assurance and other services their stakeholders need...
READ MORE​​​​​​​


SecurID, an RSA business, empowers organizations to thrive in a digital world. The trusted identity platform for 13,000 organizations around the world, SecurID manages 50 million identities and provides secure, convenient access to 30 million users. It offers comprehensive capabilities to:

• Provide flexible access to data and applications on any platform

• Enable the workforce to work securely from anywhere, whether on managed or BYOD devices

• Deliver authentication and access in the cloud for both cloud-first and hybrid deployments

• Simplify lifecycle management and identity governance with a rich set of configurable tools

• Extend authentication seamlessly across workforce identity and consumer identity environments

In the cloud and on-premises, from the workplace to the marketplace, SecurID is the trusted identity platform that connects people with the digital resources they depend on everywhere they live, work and play.


RSA SecurID® Access: Protection and Peace of Mind During a Time of Business Disruption  

RSA SecurID Access provides a solution for maintaining a consistent multi-factor authentication policy during a business emergency, when large numbers of users may be required to work remotely for a period of time... 



Modern MFA for Microsoft Office 365

RSA SecurID® Access, a Microsoft conditional access partner, secures Office 365 resources with modern mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA)... ​


RSA logo 


Your Cybersecurity Handbook: Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe

In this guide, you’ll learn cybersecurity definitions, best practices and crucial answers in an interactive manner... ​​​​​​


RSA logo


The Way Forward: The IAM Journey to Zero Trust

The past year’s events accelerated digital transformation and widened the attack surface of organizations, changing what IAM looks like and making zero trust and your approach more critical than ever... ​​​​​​


RSA logo


RSA SecurID Access: Secure, Convenient Access to Cloud, Mobile, Web, and Traditional Enterprise Applications

The RSA SecurID Solution is now RSA SecurID Access...


RSA Cyber Security Products

RSA’s mission-driven data security solutions help customers comprehensively and rapidly link security incidents with mission context to respond effectively and protect what matters most. With award-winning cyber security solutions for rapid detection and response, identity and access assurance, consumer fraud protection, and mission risk management, RSA customers can thrive in an uncertain, high-risk world. It’s time for Mission-Driven Security.

RSA NetWitness Suite icon


RSA NetWitness® Suite

     Triple the impact of your existing security team

RSA SecurID Suite icon


RSA SecurID® Suite

     Accelerate your mission while mitigating identity risks

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite icon

RSA® Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite

     Act at the speed of fraud

RSA Archer Suite icon


RSA Archer® Suite

     Know which Risk is Worth Taking


Contact Carahsoft Technology Corp about RSA Data Security Solutions | 703-230-7419




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Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2026

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract (MAS)

Aug 22, 2018- Aug 21, 2023


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Department of Defense ESI BPA Contract # N66001-21-A-0031

Nov 23, 2020- Jul 14, 2024
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Apr 11, 2016- Nov 30, 2022

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May 31, 2012- Dec 19, 2026

Oklahoma DIR Contract # SW1056A

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Pennsylvania COSTARS-6 IT Software Contract

Aug 31, 2017- Aug 31, 2022

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May 01, 2021- Apr 30, 2023

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Aug 01, 2017- Sep 30, 2022

State of New Mexico Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Dec 31, 2022

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Jan 28, 2020- Jan 23, 2024
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Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
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E&I Carahsoft Cloud Solutions & Services Distributor Contract

Apr 01, 2021- Mar 31, 2026

Educational Software Solutions and Services - OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

Feb 27, 2020- Apr 30, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

May 20, 2019- Mar 01, 2023

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


Oct 20, 2015- Sep 03, 2025

The Quilt

MSA - 05012019F
Apr 01, 2016- May 02, 2025


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2026

Count on Carahsoft

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RSA SecurID Access solution provides a consistent multi-factor authentication to ensure your organization's user identities have appropriate access to critical applications and mitigate identity risk. SecurID Access address the security challenges associated with access delivery, identity verification, and compliance by consolidating multi-factor authentication, identity governance, and user management in a single application. 


Business continuity option banner

RSA is offering Business Continuity Option (BCO) to current customers free of charge to provide a flexible method to expand the number of users in an organization without expanding their multi-factor authentication (MFA) budget. For new customers, we are offering RSA SecurID Access at no charge for a limited time. For more information contact us at 800-340-9194 or rsa@carahsoft.com.


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Leverage RSA to help maintain control of risk when moving to a multi-cloud environment.

Mature capabilities to control risk arising from third-party relationships with RSA Risk Frameworks.

There is a short window of opportunity between the detection of an initial compromise and the ability to prevent an attacker from fulfilling his objectives. This period is sometimes referred to as “breach exposure time” or “dwell time.” Early detection and rapid response are the key requirements to ...


Business disruptions can catch us off guard. In a time of crisis, many organizations may not be entirely sure how to respond. After all, global and prolonged disruptions don’t come along every day. And when they do, they rarely have the profound personal and global implications we’ve seen in 2020. B...

Learn about what an enterprise approach to risk management looks like in government today and why it’s necessary to support government’s digital future.


Organizations today represent a complex and continually evolving tapestry of products, services, processes, technologies, employees, third parties and more. Each of these components adds complexity to a business and magnifies its fragility—especially when something goes wrong. If your organizatio...

Solutions Brief

As organizations turn on a growing number of on-premises, cloud and mobile applications, their attack surfaces increase, as does the probability that a single compromised identity can lead to a catastrophic data breach. With most attacks relying on compromised identities somewhere in the chain, iden...


With more cloud-based services and solutions built to support agencies with their missions, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) assures that these offerings match the government’s rigorous security and compliance requirements. Watch this 30 minute video, as industry exper...