Riverbed Technology Webinars


Evolving from Disjointed Views to Cohesive Insights

Federal networks are expanding ecosystems that encompass infrastructure, end users, devices, and applications. Many agencies struggle with zero-trust compliance and end-user experience, relying on limited up/down visibility solutions that lead to security risks and cost issues. Riverbed's Federal CTO, John Pittle, highlighted challenges for federal IT teams and the benefits of Riverbed's Unified Observability portfolio, which provides comprehensive insight across federal networks.


Leveraging Visibility to Plan for Painless Cloud Migrations for 4th Estate and Other DoD Agencies

As DISA progresses with IT Services consolidation, 4th Estate Agencies are planning cloud migrations, while other DoD agencies are strategizing JWCC utilization for cloud initiatives. However, concerns persist regarding performance, scalability, and costs, especially for organizations with diverse applications and workloads. This webinar focused on strategies to quantify application performance pre-migration, identify high-risk applications, ensure post-migration performance, troubleshoot cloud performance issues, and optimize performance while controlling costs.


Maximizing State and Local FYE Spend – Improving Network Performance While Hardening Against Ransomware and Cybersecurity Threats

Carahsoft and Riverbed Technology hosted this webinar to advise agencies on maximizing end-of-year spending to enhance network performance and cybersecurity. They emphasized key funding priorities for state and local IT teams, highlighted federal funding sources for cybersecurity, and stressed the importance of investing in solutions like Riverbed's observability platform for hybrid network visibility. Attendees also learned about investments to address cybersecurity threats from "countries of concern" and Log4J vulnerabilities, as well as those facilitating hybrid work and citizen services improvement.


Ensure the Success of Fiscal Year Spend by Focusing on End User Experiences

Carahsoft and Riverbed Technology hosted a discussion led by former DOJ CIO Donald Kyzar and Riverbed's Public Sector CTO Marlin McFate, focusing on cost-effective ways for federal agencies to optimize end-user productivity, application performance, and overall digital experiences through Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions.