Ripcord Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Document Intelligence as a Service™ (DIaaS)

    An end-to-end, outcomes-focused digital transformation solution designed for your business needs. Ripcord’s innovative document understanding platform combines robotic digitization, ML-powered data extraction, and cloud-native content management featuring RipcordAI, GenAI designed for documents. DIaaS is a single-source solution built around your document types, data requirements, use cases, processes, and SLAs. As part of our as-a-service model, we offer digitization of paper documents, human-in-the-loop validation, and integrations to ensure our customers can power their agency’s mission with complete, highly-accurate data.

  • Canopy with Ripcord AI

    Ripcord’s content management solution includes Generative AI features with enterprise-grade security. It provides instant document summaries and enables users to ask questions about their content, built into our cloud-based platform.

Ripcord’s solutions are flexible and scalable, handling both physical and digital documents to enable seamless digital transformation. We digitize backlogs and in-process documents, creating a digital twin of your original content struture. Our AI/ML services efficiently classify and extract data while human-in-the-loop validation ensures the highest accuracy. Content can be stored in our cloud-based platform, Canopy, or integrated with your own systems of record.

Our outcome-focused approach delivers the results you need ensuring mission-critical data is available and meets the requirements of your agency’s processes. Whether you require rapid digitizaton, human-in-the-loop validation, secure FTP delivery, or system integration, Ripcord enables operational efficiency and meets your SLAs.

Ripcord facilitates modernization without disrupting operations. Our single-source solution reduces the need for costly rip-and-replace strategies, preserving existing infrastructure and minimizing change management.

We prioritize security, adhering to strict industry standards including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and CJIS compliance. Partnering with leading organizations like AWS, we offer a comprehensive and flexible hosting and deployment model, including AWS GovCloud, to meet specific security requirements.

Partner with Ripcord to unlock your data's potential, modernize operations, and improve efficiency in the public sector. Our DIaaS solution empowers agencies to meet mandates, enhance citizen engagement, and ensure security and compliance. Embark on your digital transformation journey with Ripcord and establish your agency in the modern public sector landscape.