ReversingLabs delivers industry-leading threat detection and analysis solutions that address the latest generation of cyber attacks. Our solutions significantly enhance an organization's ability to perform threat detection, incident response, attack analysis, and software verification. Our innovative and unique automated static analysis technology exposes threats that are invisible to conventional anti-malware products. These other products rely on external file traits for detection and thus have only a partial view of threats while our solutions automatically dissect files, exposing internal threat indicators to provide the highest speed, broadest, and most in-depth threat detection and analysis.

Our Key Solutions:

TitaniumCloud File Reputation Service - is a powerful threat intelligence solution with up-to-date, threat classification and rich context on over 7B goodware and malware files. All files are processed using unique ReversingLabs File Decomposition technology combined with other dynamic and detection information to provide industry reputation consensus. TitaniumCloud supports a powerful set of REST API query and feed functions that deliver targeted file and malware intelligence for threat identification, analysis, intelligence development and hunting.

TitaniumCore Enterprise Platform - processes files using ReversingLabs unique File Decomposition technology and implements high performance automated static analysis to recursively unpack, extract internal indicators and calculate the threat level of files to support real-time and/or high-volume applications. The platform adds ReversingLabs Hashing Algorithm (RHA) to calculate functional similarity to known malware and TitaniumCloud File Reputation integration to identify known goodware and malware against a database of over 7B goodware and malware files.

A1000 Malware Analysis and Hunting Platform - supports advanced hunting and investigations through high-speed automated static analysis. It is integrated with file reputation services to provide in-depth rich context and threat classification on over 7B files and across all file types. The A1000 supports visualization, APIs for integration with automated workflows, a dedicated database for malware search, global and local YARA Rules matching, as well as integration with 3rd party sandbox tools.

TitaniumScale Enterprise Scale File Analysis Platform - enables an organization to profile and classify large volumes of files in real-time to create relevant data for advanced analytics platforms to support threat correlation, hunting and response. This data helps close the visibility gap between malware detection and tedious and expensive post-breach reconstruction. TitaniumScale helps enterprises form a comprehensive assessment of millions of files from web traffic, email, file transfers, endpoints or storage. The solution uses unique ReversingLabs File Decomposition technology to extract detailed metadata, add global reputation context and classify threats.