Revenue Grid Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Revenue Engage

    Revenue Engage is the most intelligent engagement tool for Salesforce that automates sequences to help your reps outreach and nurture x10 more.

    Engage your customers in meaningful communication with automated sequences that feel personal and multiply your team’s capacity exponentially. Revenue Engage will start, pause or stop sequences automatically, detect replies, analyze what content resonated better with leads and allow your team to focus on building stronger customer relationships.

    • Multiple channels and steps
    • Smart schedules and previews
    • Real-time email tracking
    • Personalization
    • Account nurturing
    • Reply detection and more
  • Revenue Inbox

    Revenue Inbox is #1 Solution for integrating Salesforce with your Email and Calendar that actually works.

    It automatically captures all customer communications and sales activities like emails, meetings, contacts, and tasks between your Salesforce and Inbox, always keeping your CRM data complete and up to date. Unlike Salesforce Inbox, it is fully customizable and allows you to match your unique workflows. Revenue Inbox auto-creates leads from your Inbox or Calendar, auto-links records, multi-matches data and syncs your Calendars better. Inbox Sidebar included in Revenue Inbox allows you to work with your entire Salesforce data without leaving Outlook at all.

    • Smart data auto-capture
    • Auto-creation of any Salesforce object, like Leads, Contacts, etc
    • Salesforce views support
    • Fully customizable Email Sidebar
    • Easier meeting scheduling with clickable timeslots and clickable personal booking page
    • Seamless sync between Salesforce and Outlook / Gmail calendars
    • Deal insights on stalled opportunities, team activity, and engagement right in Salesforce Dashboards
  • Revenue Guide

    Revenue Guide is a Salesforce-native Guided selling tool that empowers your every rep to sell like the best rep.

    X-ray your pipeline and obtain complete visibility into your pipeline, process, team performance and customers to maximize revenue. Align reps around one goal of moving deals toward a win. Use Guided Selling to implement best practices and playbooks across customer-facing teams to make your sales process consistent.

    • X-ray your pipeline and know exactly if a deal is getting stuck
    • Set up your own Revenue Signals to automate playbooks
    • See the real relationships behind opportunities and know who drives deals from your side and customer’s side with Relationship Intelligence
    • Implement best practices and playbooks across your team
    • Coach better with team performance analytics
    • Analyze the level of customer engagement in each deal with opportunity heatmaps