Operational Resilience and Recovery Solutions for Public Sector

As an early pioneer in science and art of resilience, Resilient Corporation offers an end-to-end Resilience Solution enabling forward thinking stakeholders, regulators, and corporate, government and academic leaders to:

  • Anticipate, understand and manage disruptions while finding new opportunities for efficiencies and growth.
  • Quantify, assess, and manage cross-functional risk and resilience on a continual basis and create readily actionable strategies to improve resilience.
  • Increase operational effectiveness and awareness of potential threats.

Unlike traditional approaches to governance, risk and compliance methodologies designed to identify and avoid specific risk, Resilient Corporation uses a comprehensive and measured approach to assess an organizations' resilience across ten dimensions. This allows for data snapshots in time as well as continuous monitoring.

We have introduced a new and completely independent benchmark of organizational resilience for regulators and stakeholders. We disassociate from the status quo and build a better operating reality for resilience based on objective scoring — no consulting to compromise or compel results. Our training programs combine years of resilience insight, research, and understanding to help senior management (i.e., CXO, security, infrastructure, compliance) as well as specialized Chief Resilient Officers and Resilient Analysts.

Our Key Differentiators:

We push the limits of technology

  • Actionable intelligence on the state of resilience from the micro to macro level
  • AI and big data analytics to support actionable decision making

We offer something unique

  • Independent system designed to measure and train organizations on end-to-end resilience scoring, as well as foster the growth of Chief Resilient Officers and Resilient Analysts

We bring value to existing knowledge

  • Provide independently derived resilience data from internal and external sources

We build a better operating reality

  • Objective framework for actionable decision-making based on external/open source information that can be blended with internal/confidential information

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