Resiliant Solutions for the Public Sector


    RESILIANT ID™ is a patented immutable blockchain-based Digital ID enabling the right individual to access the right applications at the right time for the right reason. The Digital ID allows coexistence between centralized ID, decentralized ID, and traditional government, paper or PIV card IDs. To create the Digital ID, government (GVT) issued IDs and biometric selfies are uploaded to the user’s smartphone in order to verify the user. During verification, the user’s selfie is compared to the photo ID on the GVT ID document using the most advanced liveness technology available while mitigating any demographic bias. The encrypted GVT ID and selfie remain stored on the user’s smartphone and nowhere else. Subsequent identity verification using RESILIANT ID in any environment takes just a few seconds.

    RESILAINT ID™ verifies GVT IDs in 140 languages, 250+ countries and territories, with 11,000+ different ID document templates covered. Due to the anonymity, immutability, and cryptography of blockchain technology, RESILIANT ID automatically complies with privacy regulations, data management standards (GDPR, ISO) and zero trust architecture models (NIST, CISA, etc.)

  • RESILIANT ID™ with RESILIANT SSO & User Journey

    Once a user is verified using RESILIANT ID, user access and activity can be proactively monitored in real time using an entry-level policy that integrates hundreds of custom factors to trigger external tools or obtain augmented information. With a “no-code/low-code” approach, you can easily make changes without needing to write complex programming code. Simply drag and drop interface to configure the policy. Administrators may trigger dynamic and highly customization policies directly at run time. RESILIANT SSO natively integrates and manages thousands of third-party applications via modern authentication protocols or custom injection for legacy ones. The platform allows for seamless integration with various vendors.

  • RESILIANT Trust Zones

    The RESILIANT Trust Zone™ provides proactive user authentication and verification at every access point, keeping government and businesses safe from unverified and unexpected dangerous intrusions. Only authenticated users are granted access to the specific applications, systems or IT environments for which they are authorized. In addition, RESILIANT IdMLA™ (multi-level authorization) provides a secondary authorization layer. After a user has been successfully authenticated, a second push is sent to a higher level of authority to approve granting user access to highly sensitive applications and services. This IdMLA™ can be set for a specific time period (five minutes, one hour, one day, etc.)

  • RESILIANT End-to-End (ID, SSO & User Journey, Trust Zones)

    The combined RESILIANT cybersecurity solution creates a “Never Trust, Always Verify” environment throughout the cloud servers, networks, and applications, securing the front end with RESILIANT ID, proactively monitoring user journey with RESILIANT SSO, and ultimately setting up unhackable software defined perimeters (SDP) in RESILIANT Trust Zones all the way to the back end protected assts, data and service directories.