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GovGrants® is the first enterprise class, full life-cycle grants management system built on a cloud platform, Salesforce.com, and offered as Software-as-a-Service. This SaaS subscription model means that agencies need not pay for cumbersome hardware and software costs and there are no latform upgrade costs. And the fact that GovGrants is based on the world’s leading cloud platform means it’s scalable, reliable, flexible, and fast to deploy.

GovGrants provides State and Local agencies with a fully integrated, enterprise-level grants solution for both the “As a Grantor” and the “As a Grantee” requirements. In this manner, agencies are provided the full set of functionalities inherent to the intersection between grant receiving (i.e., Federal funds) and grant making (i.e., sub-grants).

GovGrants enables State and Local agencies to have a real-time 360-degree view of every grant program, funding sources/allocations and all applicant and recipient details. Task based automated workflows take the guesswork out of each step of the granting process for both internal grant program managers and external applicants and grantees. This provides the greatest program efficiencies and lowers states’ overhead costs, which ultimately benefits the taxpayers.

GovGrants was designed and built by REI Systems, a leading grants management system development company for over 17 years and Salesforce, the world’s largest cloud provider now in business for over 15 years. REI is a member of the National Grants Management Association (NGMA) and co-sponsors of the Grants Management Breakfast (GMB) Forum with George Washington University.

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Upcoming Events

NGMA Annual Conference

REI Speaking Slot:
Current State of Grants Management – Results of the Annual Grants Survey
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Grants Management Breakfast Forums

Throughout the year REI Systems, in partnership with the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, hosts Grants Management Breakfast (GMB) Forums. These forums:

  • Bring together professionals from academia, government and industry to discuss challenges, strategies and keys to success in grants management.
  • Include speakers from Federal and State & Local organizations such as HHS, NGMA, State of NV, AL, MD, IL, GAO, OMB and more!
  • Are intended particularly to strengthen the community of grant-makers.
  • Host a government speaker or panel so that describe their grants management practices, results, and lessons-learned.
  • Allow for the audience members to engage with the speaker and each other, gathering ideas for ways to address current challenges within their agency and forming networks to help them solve problems in the future as well.

Allow for the sharing of critical lessons learned from authentic experiences.

Please visit our events page to find out more about the next GMB Forum. Follow us on Twitter at @REI_Systems and @gwtrachtenberg and tweet at us with the hashtag #GMBForum.