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The redactX software helps you de-identify and anonymize specific content (faces, objects, text strings) in video files from any source. Advanced computer vision and AI automate the process so that with a few clicks users can respond to FOIA and HIPAA related requests and generate redacted video files quickly and cost effectively. redactX puts users in control of precisely what they wish to redact. The level of functionality and accuracy is industry leading. For example, users can choose to redact all faces in a video, or only some faces and if so which. Similarly, they can choose to redact all text strings in a video (in over 90 languages) or only ones that match a user-defined string (or partial string). A built-in library of predefined objects can also be used to redact specific items in a video. redactX saves time and effort and reduces the cost of complying with requests for data scrubbed of personally-identifying information.

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