Facial Recognition Software for the Public Sector

SAFR® is the world’s foremost facial recognition platform for live video. With highest effective accuracy tuned for rapid performance, the fast-growth startup’s computer vision solution — from the established U.S.-based company RealNetworks — is an industry leader in the challenging real-world conditions where faces are in motion, at varying angles, under poor lighting, or partially obscured. Having been designed to operate with a database of over 5M to instantly detect and match millions of faces in a fraction of a second, SAFR’s rapid-performance, highly scalable model for industrial-grade facial recognition answers the call outlined in recent published government RFQs for facial recognition systems to process millions of transactions against a comparably high-volume database.

SAFR offers flexible SDKs that can be easily integrated with edge and IoT devices as part of an industrial-grade solution for world-class face and person detection, recognition, and characterization — including video doorbells, drones, autonomous vehicles, ground robots, and more. SAFR’s high-performance computer vision turns virtually any IP camera into an intelligent lens, unlocking a wide array of user benefits with complete data security and a predictable pricing model. SAFR SDKs can be deployed at the edge or completely offline with no connection to the cloud, offering the same high accuracy, speed, and low bias included in all SAFR deployments.