Q-Action Records Management

Q-Action Records Management is a modern, fully integrated, and automated Electronic Records Management (ERM) solution that helps organizations comply with even the toughest record retention and security requirements. Q-Action Records Management ensures that your historical, fiscal, and legal records (electronic or physical) are identified and preserved as part of your overall enterprise document management strategy. 

Q-Action Records Management Capabilities

  • Classify records with design, maintenance, and application of taxonomies
  • Assign appropriate records retention schedules, controlling the creation, organization, storage, retrieval, movement, and destruction of records
  • Implement for both electronic and/or physical records
  • Fully integrate with Q-Action Enterprise Document Management and Business Process Management modules
  • Integrate with other line-of-business solutions
  • Achieve compliance with NARA standards
  • Establish workflows to route certain types of records for review by designated groups or individuals prior to destruction
  • Execute legal holds that require records to be retained beyond their typical schedule