Q-Action Document Capture

Centralized and standardized capture of all types of documents (paper, fax, email, and electronic) is critical for fulfilling security and records-management requirements.

An overall indexing strategy makes your documents easy to find and use.  QFlow Systems® can help you create an enterprise-wide taxonomy, with an agreed-upon standardized list of terms created to ensure consistent tagging and indexing of documents. 

Configure your unique data requirements with Q-Action® business objects.  Business objects provide a single source of truth lookup database to ensure data integrity and to simplify user input.  Populate business object data through API service calls, from an external system (e.g. data warehouse), or by end-users with the appropriate privileges.

Capture and track boxes of paper electronically with all your electronic information in one central location.  Q-Action® tracks requests for, the current location of, and processes the return of the paper back to storage.

Automate Document Ingestion and Indexing

  • Paper – leverage a combination of bar codes, QR codes, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically separate, classify, and store digitized document content in a searchable format. 
  • Emails – automatically store and route emails sent to shared mailboxes with the appropriate metadata. 
  • Faxes – automatically store and route faxes based on fax number.  

Enterprise Scanning and Indexing

Q-Action supports both a centralized or decentralized environment with the ability to handle high volumes. Your remote/telework employees can scan from their location.  If you have multiple office locations, offices can ship boxes to a high-volume centralized processing facility.  For large backfile scanning needs, QFlow partners with conversion services companies to scan and index your paper.

Q-Action provides full control over which organizations and classifications scanning and indexing operators are assigned to the process.  This allows the scanning and indexing of a department’s documents to be performed from any location.