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Proven Optics is a premier Technology Business Management (TBM) consulting firm with unparalleled success in both the public and private sectors. Our mission is to provide exceptional value to clients by focusing on creating world-class TBM and Financial Management best practices enabled by thoughtful, practical software to drive better decisioning and outcomes.

Proven Optics goes beyond offering theories by delivering proven methodologies with step-by-step blueprints on how to achieve our clients’ unique goals and work alongside their team to ensure success from Day 1. The Proven Optics difference is our recognized best in class TBM practitioners, the proven methodology of our Blueprint for TBM Success, and our data-driven approach to deliver key insights and transparency that drive business decisions. Our approach empowers our clients to take control over their budget and provide efficiencies through automation.


Our Services:

  • Budget Formulation & Execution

    Build upon your exiting ServiceNow implementation with the Proven Optics Budget Formulation & Execution Point Solution. We build a capability on your ServiceNow platform using native platform functionality like workflows, approvals, and task tracking in conjunction to our understanding of public sector accounting practices and processes to enable ServiceNow to be your system of record for budget formulation & execution.

  • Software Implementation

    Ready to transform your TBM practice into an enterprise toolset? Our dedicated team of TBM consultants are experts on all software tools on the market and can streamline the implementation in just 90 days!

  • TBM Assessment

    Have our team of practitioners do a comprehensive TBM assessment against our BluePrint of Success to identify where your practices’ strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement lie. An outcome of the assessment is roadmap that will help guide you as your organization builds their own internal practice.

  • TBM Practice Consulting

    Learn from our experienced team on how to implement TBM best practices, common pitfalls, and how to drive value for your organization.

  • Showback & Chargeback

    Generate cost model results, aggregate consumption, and chargeback or showback IT expenses to the Business.

  • Cost Model Optimization

    Not sure what the next step is to mature your cost model or move past IT Towers? Let our team help optimize, streamline, and enhance your organizations cost model deployment in any TBM tool.

  • Cost Model Design

    Have our team help tailor our industry standard cost model to meet the unique way your organization does IT delivery. Our approach and design can be implemented in any TBM tool set on the market.

  • Service Definition & Design
    • Define the services that your organization delivers to their customers, the delivery model for those services, and how they recover costs.
    • Implement a standard approach to incorporate cloud costing into your TBM model today!
  • TBM Governance

    Build structure and process around TBM data management, evolving TBM processes, and rate setting for chargeback and showback.

  • Report Design & Implementation
    • Enable your stakeholders to do more than see data and information. Let our team build dashboard & reports than link the financial and operational data sets with the business decisions and outcomes needed for decisioning.
    • Take your TBM data sets and automate the translation to meet FITARA reporting requirements


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Modernized Federal Financial Capabilities: Technology Business Management (TBM) & Budget Formulation and Execution