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ServiceNow Integration for Government LMS

A Native ServiceNow Application, PlatCore’s LMS has the power and flexibility to meet the unique regulatory needs of the public sector. PlatCore’s LMS leverages your existing ServiceNow investment – in both infrastructure and process - to deliver employee training that has unbelievable returns in efficiency and cost.

Our public sector customers have seen million-dollar savings, including greater accountability, fewer training systems, automated menial tasks, reduction in unused training costs, real-time training data and much more. PlatCore’s modern, centralized learner portal helps provide great training experiences – without sacrificing compliance or budget (or security).

Our fully-featured LMS provides:

  • Centralized, Modern Learning Portal
  • Easy Course Creation and Assignment
  • Real-time Tracking, Reporting & Dashboards
  • Audit Compliance, Version Control, and Certifications
  • Training in the Flow of Work (with Dynamic, Recurring, Workflows, Skills, and more!)
  • Multiple Hosting options: FedRAMP, cloud-based or on-premise solution.

Go beyond traditional LMS solutions.

A native ServiceNow business application, PlatCore harnesses ServiceNow’s power and data at scale to perform actions beyond typical learning management. Working within your existing systems and in partnership with the Carahsoft team, PlatCore greatly simplifies the procurement process.

Visit https://www.platcore.com/government-lms/ for more information and a personalized demo.

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