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Autodial citizens in real-time with no internet access for an event.

PhoneLiveStreaming provides automated live streaming to traditional telephones, giving accessibility to the elderly, rural, and poor citizens in your online live streaming sessions today. Similar to how you connect and send video to YouTube or Facebook (RTMP), you can send the same signal to PhoneLiveStreaming. We encode the audio and make it available on your dedicated phone number. Streaming starts and stops with your regular live video streaming.

PhoneLiveStreaming automatically connects callers to telephone live streams. Our feature, Live Notifications, automatically dials subscribed callers (using your dedicated toll-free phone number) when your live stream starts. No more remembering when to call, what phone number to call, or what access code is needed — they simply answer the phone! Callers can subscribe themselves by calling your dedicated phone number, or you can add them in your dashboard.

PhoneLiveStreaming's power can be used in annual conferences and city and county public council meetings. Further, legal proceedings, emergency notification, and constituent relations can find PhoneLiveStreaming's feature set impactful.

Additional Benefits for Users
Do you provide translations of live events? Only PhoneLiveStreaming's technology can offer a B.Y.O.D. or Bring-Your-Own-Device setup (to keep the spread of COVID down from sharing public earpieces), along with detailed analytics the ability to listen on-site or remotely, and the power to broadcast from anywhere.

Who listened, when, for how long, and to what? Our detailed analytics allow your team to study specific KPIs and examine individual interactions with your dedicated phone system. PhoneLiveStreaming also provides API endpoints that allow integration into third-party systems for analytic tracking.

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