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Perspectium moves data and processes stuck in large ServiceNow instances by providing people-managed, cloud-delivered, failsafe integrations for replication of large volumes of data in real-time from ServiceNow into data repositories for BI, analytics, warehousing or other purposes. In particular, increasing numbers of governmental organizations with big ServiceNow instances want to store the data in an external data store under their control and then perform specialized analytics or reporting. Many would like to connect their ServiceNow instance to other instances or to separate applications. Perspectium enables moving such data in real time without affecting the performance or responsiveness of ServiceNow.

Perspectium also connects ServiceNow processes between instances or applications for service providers to seamlessly manage individual agencies or organizations. Perspectium uniquely understands and integrates context-aware information through complete, always-current services. Perspectium provides ridiculously high levels of scalability and availability, solving intricate integration challenges for some of the world’s largest organizations.