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Perspectium moves data and processes stuck in large ServiceNow instances by providing people-managed, cloud-delivered, failsafe integrations for replication of large volumes of data in real-time from ServiceNow into data repositories for BI, analytics, warehousing or other purposes. In particular, increasing numbers of governmental organizations with big ServiceNow instances want to store the data in an external data store under their control and then perform specialized analytics or reporting. Many would like to connect their ServiceNow instance to other instances or to separate applications. Perspectium enables moving such data in real time without affecting the performance or responsiveness of ServiceNow.

Perspectium also connects ServiceNow processes between instances or applications for service providers to seamlessly manage individual agencies or organizations. Perspectium uniquely understands and integrates context-aware information through complete, always-current services. Perspectium provides ridiculously high levels of scalability and availability, solving intricate integration challenges for some of the world’s largest organizations.


Data Integration

  • DataSync

    Delivered as a comprehensive application in ServiceNow that allows sophisticated data synchronization scenarios to be created without coding. Your data is secure and private due to end-to-end and at-rest encryption, and the performance of your application instances are minimally impacted due to “push” data streaming. By utilizing a message queue, DataSync removes the need for data endpoints to be up and functional all the time, eliminating risk of data loss during intermittent outages at the endpoints. Additionally, due to our use of message brokering, your data stream can be flexibly re-configured without any change to the source - allowing you to flow your data to different targets with minimal impact, and automatic schema creation and maintenance of your data lake means data appears as soon as the schema changes.

  • InstanceSync

    Synchronize your selected production data down into sub-production/sandbox or other production instances from a native ServiceNow application, with high throughput and lowest impact. Perspectium’s approach allows you to identify and replicate only the data that you wish to synchronize - as opposed to the "all or nothing" model of cloning. Customers also use InstanceSync to keep multiple production instances synchronized with foundational as well as operational data. One customer even uses InstanceSync to replicate ticket information to a training instance to bring new teams up to speed, and other customers use InstanceSync to help manage their upgrade process - what you do with InstanceSync is up to you!

  • On-Demand DataSync

    Lets you export specific data sets from ServiceNow and Salesforce to an external cloud based data lake. As a result, you can explore, merge and analyze your data without concerns about application constraints and performance impact. This product allows you to extract specific data sets on-demand and on an as-needed basis, providing you with incredible flexibility in meeting your business reporting and analytics needs.

  • Intelligence Incidents

    Provides a preconfigured way to leverage historical incident management data to drive more accurate new incident submissions as well as reducing mean time to resolution. We do this with AWS Machine Learning - allowing you to select the path of least resistance that previously worked. After implementing Intelligent Incidents, you have more accurately defined incidents in ServiceNow; your support team will be trained; and the right incident will be routed to the right team at the right time ... with all the right information

Service Integration

  • ServiceBond

    A preconfigured service integration product for real-time, bi-directional incident exchange between ITSM platforms. ServiceBond allows different departments within the same company to delegate service workflows without regards to which ITSM application has been implemented. Moreover, when bonding multiple production instances, you can selectively keep all of them in sync as in “follow the sun” support models or to address data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

  • ServiceBond for AWS

    Helps you deliver superior service by eBonding ServiceNow with the AWS Support Center - providing automated creation, viewing, updating, and resolving of incidents from within your existing ITSM tool, with no need to enter duplicate information into a separate environment.

  • ServiceOps

    A preconfigured service integration that bonds ITSM applications with Atlassian Jira Software or CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) for DevOps use cases. ServiceOps eliminates miscommunication between IT Operations and Development teams by automating common processes between them. As a result, your customers will realize better response times and transparency of work being performed for them.

  • ServiceInsight

    A preconfigured service integration that bonds ITSM applications with Salesforce for insightful customer service and sales use cases. ServiceInsight promotes customer status from IT support team directly into the CRM so that the customer service team has full transparency. As a result, your sales team will have up-to-the-minute support status right before communicating with the customer. Additionally, the IT team is synchronized with customer information as they happen so that support or on-boarding can occur immediately. As a bonus, sales opportunities can be automatically created based on situations in IT support.

Service Provider Solutions

  • Service Provider Gateway

    Enables service providers using ServiceNow to rapidly onboard and integrate with their customers. We have created integration templates to enable a streamlined and repeatable process for eBonding with your customers' service management systems. These integration templates provide default mappings for various service management systems and modules, including Cherwell, ServiceNow, and BMC Remedy. All mappings and conditions for eBonding are configurable and can be modified and cloned to build a repeatable integration blueprint for rapid onboarding of your customers.



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


Mar 03, 2015- Aug 10, 2020
*Additional Option Years Available


Case Study

As a managed service provider, Accenture needed to deploy integrations rapidly cloud based integrations that employed queues and that would contribute to the scalable and repeatable solutions that Accenture promised to its customers.

Zurich Insurance Group is a ServiceNow customer that embarked on a SIAM initiative to integrate serviceproviders into its IT service management organization. This project involved two parts: the business processesand the technology enablement.


Download this checklist to help you wisely choose your integrations.

Download this guide to learn more about data integration.


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