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Persado perfected communication through AI and Machine Learning to AI based communications to help improve outreach, promotional messaging, citizen trust, engagement, adoption and CX.

The U.S. federal government spends billions of dollars each year across marketing, communications, web, and contact service centers to engage the American people on a variety of programs that span a myriad of agencies and media platforms. Federal agencies are taking a data-driven approach to ensure the success of their efforts but have yet to apply data and AI to communications and messaging.

Persado is an AI platform that improves how government agencies communicate with and engage their constituents. Persado unlocks a lever of value creation using the right choice of words for all citizen interactions, elevating citizen trust, adoption of government programs, CX, and agency operational efficiency. Persado uses AI, natural language generation, machine learning, experimental design and the world’s largest language knowledge database of millions of tagged and scored words and phrases to deliver an average of 41% lift in conversion rates across customer engagement channels. Persado is Omni-channel, and adds value across web, email, social media, display ads, direct mail, and contact center. Persado takes human generated content and adds mathematical certainty, objective science, and measurable and predictable outcomes to government campaigns. By breaking a message into the key components of Narrative, Emotion, Call to Action, Information and Visualization, Persado and government agencies will generate the most impactful message that improved citizen engagement.

How we can help

  • Awareness and Adoption

    Help government promotion and advocacy campaigns resonate more deeply with a targeted audience/demographic with data-backed insights. Provide the right messaging to create awareness, explain benefits and drive adoption across most government agencies.

  • Acquisition

    Guide prospects to the products, services, and experiences that best suit their needs. Improve lead generation, optimize media performance, and improve conversion rates, consistent messaging across the conversation funnel.

  • Recruiting

    Create more compelling messaging that inspires potential recruits to further engage to best understand the personal and professional benefits to joining your team. Work across multiple media platforms to attract the right candidates who then take action to make that critical commitment.

  • Servicing

    Help constituents gain a better understanding of government programs, and drive usage of websites, IVRs and other digital self-service tools with more effective language to increase CX, and decreased call volumes and cost. Our platform is a direct benefit to the 21st Century IDEA Act.