Payscale Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Compensation data

    Access up to three Payscale data sources to understand where pay trends are going while making the best decisions for your organization and people today.

    Employee Reported – World’s largest real-time salary database that helps you keep a pulse on the market with timely compensation data – Recommended for public sector organizations.

    Peer – Award-winning data set providing organizations access to timely HRIS salary data segmented by industry – Recommended for higher education organizations.

    HR Market Analysis – Curated data set by compensation professionals and data scientists that combines experts’ analysis of the market to provide you with a pre-built market composite

  • Scalable compensation technology

    Technology to drive your compensation philosophy.

    Payfactors A compensation platform that provides small businesses to enterprise organizations with access to multiple data sources and comprehensive pay analytics.

    MarketPay – A compensation platform for global organizations that brings together Payscale data sources and traditional surveys to quickly and accurately price jobs in the current labor market.

    Job Description Management – A centralized repository for all job descriptions directly within the Payfactors platform.

    Total Rewards Statements – A pay transparency solution delivering flexible and safe personalized statements while helping your employees understand their total compensation package.

    Compensation Planning – A compensation review and adjustment solution that drives efficiency with powerful configuration capabilities and increases confidence in data-driven pay decisions

    Pay Equity Analysis – A solution that uncovers pay equity insights in minutes, helps you understand the actions and costs for remediation, and provides you with the tools to build a sustainable approach to pay equity.

  • Comprehensive compensation services

    Work directly with experienced compensation professionals to achieve your compensation goals. Services include:

    Implementation – All Payscale customers will work with a dedicated Project Manager to configure their Payscale solution to meet their specific needs.

    Subscription Support – Access to tools to support training and business processes through your lifecycle with Payscale.

    Managed Services Move your most important compensation initiatives forward through a variety of service offerings including market pricing, structure development, custom analytics, and pay communications trainings for people managers.

    Customer Success Every Payscale customer has a single point of contact who is responsible for ensuring a great customer experience and will meet with each customer regularly to review how Payscale can support strategic compensation goals.