Pathlock Webinars

Successfully Navigate the Convergence of IAM and GRC for Comprehensive Protection

To achieve comprehensive protection during a digital transformation and/or cloud transition project may seem complicated, but it is possible with the right tools.

Attendees joined Carahsoft and application GRC technology leader, Pathlock, as they addressed how the worlds of IAM and GRC are coming together and how modern organizations can evolve and scale their strategies.

In this webinar, attendees learned:

  • How to overcome internal control siloes and the increasing Importance of Cross-Application GRC
  • How to overcome challenges posed by elevated or privileged access requirements
  • Why Continuous Controls Monitoring should be at the heart of your GRC strategy
  • Best practices for evaluating solutions

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Go Beyond IAM Implementing IGA to Mitigate Identity-Related Access Risks

In this session, attendees learned:

  • The purpose of IGA and how to apply it as a proactive policy enforcement strategy
  • How IGA solutions increase visibility, improving IT team operations
  • How security experts optimize existing IAM solutions through IGA integration

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Expanding SAP Security Beyond Your Network Perimeter

In this webinar, attendees heard from top security experts on how they can:

  • Expand their SAP security strategy to layers below the network to include vulnerability management, dynamic authorization (zero trust), and data loss prevention - all from a single platform.

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Cross-App Segregation of Duties: Unify Controls, Strengthen Compliance & Gain Efficiency

In this webinar, attendees learned how they can:

  • Reduce enterprise-wide access governance costs by standardizing SOD control processes in cross-app business activities
  • Prevent SOD conflicts at the start by ensuring SOD-compliant provisioning across applications
  • Clearly articulate the financial exposure access risks have on the business and actively mitigate them
  • Empower risk owners to make access control decisions based on tangible business impact with “did-do” transaction & activity monitoring

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Gaining Agility to Mitigate Risk in SAP

During this webinar, Greg Wendt and Rajesh Rengarethinam discussed:

  • How Attribute-Based Access Controls complement and extend SAP’s role-based security model
  • ABAC policies that can be used to quickly scale new security controls without redesigning existing roles and privileges
  • Ways fine-grained controls can be used as a stop-gap to mitigate privileged user exploits and remote access risks
  • How context-aware controls can shrink your attack surface in cloud-hosted instances

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Rapidly Scale Data Masking in SAP

During this webinar, attendees:

  • Explored how security and compliance risks can be addressed with data masking
  • Reviewed the current limitations of existing data masking solutions 
  • Learned how a policy-based solution (using ABAC and rules) can be used to efficiently address these challenges 
  • Discovered how centralized administration and policy management can accelerate go-live and reduce the total cost of ownership

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PeopleSoft Best Practices: Secure Access and Prevent Risks against ERP Data

During this webinar, as PeopleSoft experts at Appsian discussed:

  • How enhanced logging and analytics can be implemented to better understand user behavior and data access
  • How to strengthen native control like single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to centralize and streamline IAM
  • Most common ERP data breach scenarios and how bad actors exploit security and compliance loopholes in PeopleSoft

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SAP ERP Best Practices: Strengthen Access Controls, Business Process Management and Access Visibility

During this webinar, SAP experts at Appsian discussed:

  • How to strengthen native access controls with contextual, attribute-based controls
  • How enhanced logging and analytics can be implemented to better understand user behavior and data access
  • The most common ERP data breach scenarios – and how bad actors exploit security and compliance loopholes in SAP

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Maintain Strict PeopleSoft Data Security in a Remote Access Environment

During this webinar attendees learned how PeopleSoft can be equipped for: 

  • Remote access without compromising data security 
  • Integrated solutions for SSO and MFA to safeguard the authentication process
  • Accessing sensitive data that fully supports Zero Trust

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