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PacketViper is an active threat facing cybersecurity deception solution. PacketViper uses agentless, lightweight network-based deception earlier in the cyber kill chain, and at the perimeter to solve important cybersecurity problems and produces practical, real-world results, including dynamic network defense, relief of security operational costs and burdens, and 3rd party risk monitoring with policy enforcement. PacketViper is unlike complex and incomplete deception solutions that don’t provide any value until the threat is on the network, can’t deceive threats during perimeter reconnaissance scans and contribute to alert overload without the ability to directly and easily take action.

“Lightweight deception” speaks to our agentless, software-based decoys and responses which are automated, dynamic, highly believable and NOT honeypots. “Heavyweight Results” speaks to the active nature of PacketViper’s high impact, practical problem-solving results that are way more than just amplified alerts and supports policy enforcement.