Own Solutions for the Public Sector


  • Data Security

    With OwnBackup Secure, organizations can strengthen their security posture by having a better understanding of their data exposure risks. Secure identifies any misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, and data breaches within your Salesforce implementation and provides contextual insights to protect your highly sensitive data.

  • Backup and Recovery

    OwnBackup Recover protects all your important data and metadata with automated, secure and independently accessible backups. It also ensures fast recovery with proactive alerting for unusual data loss and precision repair tools for easy identification and correction of unwanted changes. Fast set-up and unlimited backup storage deliver peace of mind right away, and into the future.

  • Sandbox Seeding

    OwnBackup’s Sandbox Seeding solution allows you to innovate rapidly from customized templates while mitigating rework costs and protecting sensitive information. Seed only what you need from relevant production orgs or other sandboxes via reusable templates to avoid starting from scratch. Because sandbox data is a subset of production data, it’s likely to contain confidential and regulated information that could be accessed by many people during development, testing, and training. With OwnBackup’s solution, you can anonymize sensitive data before it is seeded to its destination.

  • Data Archiving

    Issues like page load speed, cluttered records, and data compliance can keep your organization from operating efficiently. With OwnBackup Archive, you can preserve old or obsolete data in archives with customizable retention policies. Avoid paying fines by staying data compliant, save on Salesforce storage costs, improve org speed and performance, and securely archive sensitive legacy data.