Own Vaccine Management

In addition to using Vaccine Cloud on Salesforce, organizations can also leverage Salesforce AppExchange partners to further support and enhance their vaccine management programs. For example, how can organizations protect all of the new data being generated? Given the criticality and sensitivity of the information being produced, companies should be thinking about how they will protect the data that’s protecting the public.

Own, a Carahsoft partner and #1 cloud data protection platform for Salesforce, can help companies protect their valuable vaccine data with:


automated backups (1).png retention.png precision.png
Automated Backups Customized Retention Policies Precision Repair


Super easy to set up. Define the frequency. Works for production and sandboxes. No coding, professional services, or maintenance required.


Easily configure and manage custom policies that define what data to store, how often, retention timeframe, who can restore, and more.

Go back in time to restore the exact data you need. Single records, multiple records, or every record from any backup in your history.