Orion Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Orion Voice Platform Subscription

    Provides highly secure, scalable and highly available team communications, multimedia sharing (images, video, text, files), process automations and situational awareness insights for field personnel within complex dynamic operating environments.

  • Orion Device-as-a-Service Subscription

    A fully managed Orion-compatible hardware client. Includes the smartphone, provisioning, mobile device management (MDM) including device lockdown to just the Orion Application (no phone calls, text messaging, browsing or games), LTE data connectivity and warranty.

  • Orion Bridge-as-a-Service Subscription

    Fully managed interoperability between LMR radio channels and Orion talk groups. Includes the underlying Radio-over-IP (RoIP) bridge hardware and licensing, LTE data connectivity and all necessary cables/accessories.

  • Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkie

    Onyx is a highly secure, wearable voice communication accessory that pairs using BLE with supported iOS or Android smart devices to allow for heads-up/eyes-up communication in a small, versatile form factor. It allows users to keep their device in their pocket or bag and enables instant push-to-talk communication with the touch of a button.

  • Orion Voice Platform - Annual Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance and Support of Orion subscriptions.