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Discover How Orca Transforms Government Cloud Security–Simpler, Smarter

Orca Security offers a radical new, zero-touch approach to cloud security for government cloud estates that provides 100% visibility and coverage while eliminating the cost, organizational friction, and performance hits associated with traditional solutions. The single, integrated platform detects security risks at every layer of the cloud estate for AWS GovCloud, Azure Government, and Google Cloud -- eliminating the need to deploy and maintain multiple tools such as cloud vulnerability management, workload protection, and security posture management solutions -- without sending a single packet over the network or running a single line of code in your environment. Unlike legacy tools that operate in silos, Orca sees the big picture and prioritizes risks based on environmental and business context. This reduces the thousands of meaningless security alerts to provide you with only the critical few, avoiding alert fatigue and ensuring that your team is focused on what matters. Because Orca is agentless, the platform deploys in minutes -- not weeks or months.

Orca Cloud Security Platform

Risk Assessment