Opus Interactive Solutions for the Public Sector

  • IAAS & Hybrid Cloud

    OpusGov (OG) is an essential private cloud component for hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. The IaaS and PaaS compliance cloud offering enables agencies to optimize, store, process, and transfer workloads with reliability and security. The FedRAMP Ready - Moderate OG is based on cloud architecture chosen by Opus’ commercial customers since 2005 for cost control, high security, high-compliance, and reliable performance. Opus annually commissions a third-party to compare price and performance of the HPE and VMware-based IaaS/PaaS solution with Azure and AWS – and outperforms both hyperscale solutions for steady state workloads. Onramps to public cloud offerings and a suite of services to deliver end-to-end solutions that ensure streaming, collection, storage, and compute are happening where they make the most sense.

  • Datacenter Colocation

    We deliver services from highly secure colocation facilities located in the most connected places on the planet - strategically selected for grid and regional redundancy in Western, Eastern, and Texas Interconnects. Our stringent site selection criteria includes; PUE <1.3, FISMA High Rating, public cloud on-ramp availability, proximity to subsea cable connectivity, reliable/diverse networks, premium carrier connectivity, low-cost available power, renewable energy, and high security.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

    Virtual desktops and published applications securely delivered on demand through a single pane powered by Citrix, VMWare Horizon™, and Parallels.

  • Cloud Object Storage

    Scalable storage solution based on your unique access, security, and performance needs. With S3 compatibility, Opus Cloud Object Storage meets the price point, compliance, and interoperability needs of any data strategy.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Fast and reliable backup for virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads, powered by Veeam. Backup, restore, and replication capabilities with advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning functionality.

  • Multi-Cloud Monitoring & Management

    Monitor network performance and spend, enforce policy and security, and allocate resources across multi-cloud environments through a single interface. Our monitoring solution conforms to the United States Federal DODIN APL and FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography methods and incorporates AI for predictive analytics and continuous improvement.