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Critical operations issues happen – and they happen fast. The longer it takes you to respond, the greater the losses: dollars and cents, essential services, information security, national security. You need to respond fast. But just plain fast isn’t enough. You need the agility to assess the entire situation, take the best first response actions, and then follow through with an adaptive system-wide recovery strategy.

>rapid response lets you turn splunk’s operational intelligence into strategic real-time action to ‘close the loop’ around your strategic incident response.

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>rapid response for splunk lets you users create powerful custom alert actions in minutes. Powered by AppSymphony’s intuitive pure browser-based app composition environment, you simply ‘draw’ workflows that automatically respond to Splunk alerts – no scripting or coding required. Click here to learn more about rapid response in action.


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Now you can read the latest news geo-located by content on your personal or government issued mobile device at no cost from a secure, NGA approved app. GlobalNewsReader allows its users to quickly peruse hundreds of news sources and articles from around the globe by geo-locating them on a map. Articles are geo-located at various scales from a relevant location and allows the user to search news by keyword, category, location, language, and source. Download the app here.