OPSWAT protects critical infrastructure. Our goal is to eliminate malware and zero-day attacks. We believe that every file and every device pose a threat. Threats must be addressed at all locations at all times—at entry, at the exit, and at rest. Our products focus on threat prevention and process creation for secure data transfer and safe device access. The result is productive systems that minimize the risk of compromise. That’s why 98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities trust OPSWAT for cybersecurity and compliance.


Enterprises today are beset by cyber-attacks. Threat actors send attacks through any channel they can, and meanwhile, the cost of compromise is only going up.

To solve the challenges faced by modern enterprises and to shut off major attack vectors, we offer two product platforms: MetaDefender for threat prevention and MetaAccess for cloud access control and endpoint compliance. Our guiding principles: Trust No File. Trust No Device.

Why MetaDefender?

Enterprises are investing more resources than ever in cybersecurity – and yet there are more and larger breaches every year. Thousands of threat prevention solutions are on the market, but most of them share one crucial flaw: they are based on detection, but detection is never 100% perfect.

That's why our advanced threat prevention platform, MetaDefender, is not only based on detection.

MetaDefender uses OPSWAT's unique deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR) to remove threats from files altogether by reconstructing the files and, in the process, stripping out potentially malicious active content and scripts. MetaDefender complements deep content disarm and reconstruction with multi-scanning, file-based vulnerability assessment, and proactive data loss prevention (Proactive DLP).

Why MetaAccess?

The move by enterprises to cloud computing, SaaS applications, and bring your own device (BYOD) environments over the last decade has eliminated the traditional network perimeter, making most network access control (NAC) solutions obsolete.

To meet the challenges of modern cloud-based environments and provide administrators with an access control solution for the cloud, we built MetaAccess. MetaAccess keeps SaaS applications and cloud data safe and secure. It allows access based on device health and compliance to help administrators block risky devices from connecting to sensitive cloud data and SaaS applications.

OPSWAT. Trust no file. Trust no device.


Demo Desk

OPSWAT Demo Desk

With OPSWAT Specialists Phillip Carroll & Michael Hylton

Join us for Upcoming Sessions!

Interested in learning more about OPSWAT’s results-proven solutions that prevent threats and attacks to your agency’s data and devices?

Join OPSWAT Specialists Phillip Carroll and Michael Hylton for a quick, bi-weekly demo to get all your cybersecurity questions answered. Demos topics that will be covered:

MetaDefender: a platform for preventing and detecting cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels

MetaAccess: scans and confirms that devices comply with security policies before allowing access to the cloud applications

Kiosks: a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before they enter an isolated network; three models available 

New Solutions: a variety of different tools and solutions available to you by OPSWAT

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to Phillip Carroll at phillip.carroll@carahsoft.com.


OPSWAT Academy


OPSWAT Academy


A Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Certification Program for Cybersecurity Stakeholders of all Levels


A New Approach to CIP Cybersecurity Training

All 16 critical infrastructure sectors are increasingly at high-risk of cyberattack, yet thousands of mission critical high-paying jobs remain vacant. OPSWAT Academy was developed to address the CIP cybersecurity skills shortage through courses that promote the best practices and practical approaches successfully implemented in the most secure critical infrastructure environments. For current OPSWAT customers, the Academy also includes advanced training courses for greater ease-of-use and efficiency when operating and maintaining all OPSWAT products and services. 


Topics Covered by the OPSWAT Academy Include: 

  • The need for a zero-trust mentality
  • Understanding interoperability for access control in ICS environments.
  • Mastering MetaDefender, MetaAccess and OPSWAT’s Secure Data Workflow products
  • CIP cybersecurity technologies that protect files during data transfer, such as multi-scanning, content disarm and reconstruction, threat intelligence and more
  • CIP cybersecurity technologies that protect devices during data transfer, such as data protection, endpoint malware detection, endpoint vulnerability assessment and more.


Download the eBook, “The Evolution of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Training” to understand the practical processes and 11 technologies now essential to a successful career in modern-day industrial cybersecurity.


Click here to get started with OPSWAT Academy!


SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - May 1, 2025


NERC CIP Webinar

Are you prepared for new CIP regulatory requirements?

Utilities are seeking ways to improve compliance with regulatory requirements pertaining to the Mitigation of Malicious Code for Transient Cyber Assets and Removable Media. In addition to High and Medium Impact Bulk Electric System Cyber Systems that are currently in scope, new security management controls will go into effect for Low Impact Bulk Electric System Cyber Systems on January 1, 2020. Utility personnel and vendors extensively use transient cyber assets (laptops) and removable media to accomplish daily work including preventive maintenance and system repairs.

This webinar will provide an explanation of the NERC CIP requirements as well as the implications of manual and automated mitigation strategies. An introduction to a purpose-built tool to facilitate the mitigation of malware and identification of software vulnerabilities will be covered.

Attendees will learn:

  • NERC CIP requirements for Transient Cyber Asset and Removable Media Malicious Code Mitigation
  • Examples of manual and automated malicious code mitigation strategies
  • Overview of tool to facilitate compliance with requirements and improve security posture through malware mitigation

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Let OPSWAT assess your file upload service for security and compliance!

Advanced threat prevention development platform.MetaDefender API allows you to integrate advanced malware protection and detection into your IT solutions and applications.

Stop Email Threats that Evade Sandboxes.

Advanced Threat Prevention for Network Traffic and Storage Devices

Secure File Transfer Solutions

Trust endpoint access to cloud applications.MetaAccess confirms that your devices comply with security policies before accessing cloud applications, like Salesforce and Microsoft 365, while delivering cross-enterprise visibility on a single pane of glass.’

Storage you can trust. Transferring files into and out of any environment exposes systems to breach and infection. Portable media are often used to conduct these transfers, bypassing security protocols. MetaDefender Vault is a secure file storage and retrieval solution that protects critical files.

The digital business landscape is changing, and so has the need to protect it from a rapidly changing world of evolving threats. No longer are employees tied to a desk, nor are applications tethered to devices. The traditional network perimeter has expanded; so too should your ability to defend ...


Understand the practical processes and 11 technologies now essential to a successful career in modern-day industrial cybersecurity.