Nuvolo Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Maintenance Management

    Our solution handles Asset and Work Order Management. Preventative Maintenance, Vendor Management, Parts Management, Contracts Management, Invoicing to our Mobile (online and offline) application.

  • Space & Move Management

    We manage the full life-cycle of an employee and tie into the ServiceNow HR module. We cover the onboarding, offboarding and movement of employees in the organization. We also help report on space utilization and track space usage across an organization.

  • Capital Program & Project Management

    We enable Planning Design & Construction (PD&C) teams to run facilities projects in the same platform as their other facilities teams. This covers areas like new building construction, renovations and other capital projects.

  • Real-Estate Management

    Our solution can track the full life-cycle of real-estate leases. Everything from critical dates, payment schedules, contact information and other aspects can be tracked, reported and notified on in Nuvolo rather than spreadsheets or other manual methods.

  • Sustainability & Energy Management

    Nuvolo ties in with our customers’ Energy Management Systems or Utility Companies to be able to report on their energy usage across their facilities. Everything from Electricity, Water, and Gas can all be tracked and reported on in this module. Customers can also track waste across their organization in addition to utility data tracking.