Nutanix Free Trial and Test Drive


  • Cloud Made Simple

    Build a private cloud on industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure.

    • Experience the tools you need to build your cloud-infra, ops, data, apps, DR, and more.
    • Manage your cloud from a single view with 1-click operations.
    • Try now-no hardware, no set-up, no download needed!
  • Accelerate Cloud Migration

    Leverage the power of both private and public clouds with seamless migration of apps across clouds without any code change.

    • Lift-and-shift your applications to public cloud with no re-architecting
    • Rapidly expand private cloud capacity by bursting into public clouds
    • A single management plane to unify infrastructure operations across multiple clouds
  • Scale Up or Out From a Single Platform

    Serve any data anywhere from a single, simple, flexible platform.

    • Simplify storage management with one platform for any data
    • Flexibly scale from a single pool of resources for File, Object, or Block
    • Manage data better on-prem, at the edge or in the cloud from one platform
  • One-Click App Security

    Prevent malware spread and keep your apps secure with simple-to-manage network microsegmentation

    • Enable microsegmentation in your Nutanix environment in minutes.
    • Visualize policies and traffic for effective security policy management
    • Detect and quarantine infected VMs to block malware in a few clicks
  • Multi-Cloud App Automation

    Perform application automation and orchestration across clouds, and enable IT self-service-all on a single pane, on the fly.

    • Enable application self-service with full control and visibility
    • Streamline application LCM with automated app blueprints
    • Achieve hybrid cloud orchestration for better app provisioning decisions
  • One Backup Platform

    Perform impact-free application backups, recovery, and long-time archival-all on a single platform

    • Manage backup and recovery in a few simple clicks-with full control and visibility
    • Back up all your workloads efficiently to ensure high application availability
    • Reduce TCO by supporting growing data with a pay-as-you-go model
  • One-Click Disaster Recovery

    Protect, replicate, and recover your critical applications in minutes, and meet stringent SLAs.

    • Onboard DRaaS on your hypervisor of choice within an hour
    • Achieve 40-50% TCO savings with DRaaS subscription
    • Meet your SLAs with a true cloud DR service
  • A new Era in Database Management

    Experience the simplicity of one-click database lifecycle management.

    • Provision databases in minutes with one-click, best-practice operations
    • Streamline tedious, error-prone, manual database operations
    • Manage databases on a single platform to significantly reduce complexity