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Accelerate Vulnerability Response 10x, using a Fraction of the Resources Required Today

The race between U.S. adversaries attempting to exploit vulnerable government systems, and government agencies attempting to remediate vulnerabilities, is more intense than ever. Federal agencies have heavily invested in vulnerability detection tools, including network scanners, code/application scanners, 3rd party library scanners, and more. However, manual processes are still required to aggregate, enrich, deduplicate, analyze, and triage vulnerability data to make it actionable. These manual processes consume vast human resources and are still unable to operate at the speed needed to defend against sophisticated attackers targeting sensitive data and access to critical systems.

Nucleus was designed to help federal organizations accelerate vulnerability management processes and scale vulnerability management programs. Nucleus does this by first aggregating all sources of asset inventory and vulnerability information that is currently scattered throughout the enterprise in various databases, consoles, and spreadsheets, creating a sole source of truth for all vulnerabilities regardless of source. Next, Nucleus enriches the vulnerability information with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and business context to prioritize vulnerabilities according to the vulnerability and asset attributes that your organization deems important. Finally, Nucleus automates remediation tasks and workflows to deliver 10x time-to-remediate and efficiency improvements. 

Benefits of Nucleus for the Public Sector

Centralized Vulnerability Information

Nucleus ingests and normalizes vulnerability data from every source in the enterprise, enabling organizations to centrally analyze, track and search all vulnerability information from all scanning tools, penetration tests, security assessments, and DevSecOps teams. Within Nucleus, vulnerability information can be organized and compartmentalized to support the access control requirements of any federal organization.

Automated Remediation Workflows

The most time-consuming phase of vulnerability management is the remediation process. Each vulnerability must be assigned the correct team or individual for remediation, tracked, and confirmed to be fixed once remediation occurs. Nucleus automates this process, saving you time and greatly reducing your time to remediate through bi-directional integrations with ticketing systems, issue trackers, incident response tools, SIEMs, and more. Real-time views provide the status of all vulnerabilities (past and present) and up-to-date insights into the work and progress towards vulnerability remediation.

Flexible Deployment and Support Options

We realize that government organizations and agencies have unique requirements when it comes to software procurement, deployment, and maintenance. Nucleus is currently offered as a SaaS solution, and FedRAMP Moderate authorization is currently underway. Additionally, Nucleus is available for on-premises and private cloud deployments to any cloud provider or hardware platform. A wide range of support options includes on-site support for high-side networks, support for PKI certificate-based user authentication, and integrations with corporate authorization services.

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