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Nuance Communications, Inc. is the leading provider of voice and language solutions for the U.S. Federal Government, businesses, and consumers around the world. Its techniques, applications, and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems. Every day, millions of users and thousands of agencies and businesses experience Nuance's proven applications. For more information, please visit www.nuance.com.


Federal Healthcare

  • Improving how the Department of Veteran Affairs, Military Health System, Indian Health Service, and other agencies capture, manage and use clinical data.
  • Healthcare costs represent a significant percentage of total agency budgets: Over 9 percent of the DoD's, over 38 percent of the VA's.
  • Survival means waging war against rising costs on two fronts: Quality care to reduce error and readmission, and appropriate billing to ensure equitable funding. Healthcare information access and management are critical to both.

Government agencies need solutions and services to:

  • Capture clinical documentation - accurately
  • Access accurate information - instantly
  • Manage health information - efficiently
  • Accelerate the revenue cycle - effectively

Nuance Healthcare provides:

  • Speech recognition solutions and services to document care better, faster, and more efficiently
  • Health information management (HIM) solutions and services to improve clinical documentation, chart completion and regulatory compliance
  • Revenue cycle solutions and services to ensure accurate billing for equitable funding

Dragon Professional


Nuance Announces New Dragon® Law Enforcement Solution | October 13, 2016
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Thriving in an Era of Legal Automation | February 20, 2019
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Why Better Documentation Can Help Improve Financial Compliance | February 5, 2019
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Dragon Law Enforcement—make incident reporting faster, safer and more efficient.
Provide patrol officers, agents, and other law enforcement professionals with a faster, safer and more efficient way to create incident reports and perform other essential tasks—all by voice—with the Nuance® Dragon® Law Enforcement speech recognition solution.

Nuance® Open License Program
The Nuance Open License Program (OLP) is a convenient, easy-to-use volume purchasing program designed to help enterprise customers maximize their savings potential, while being easier to track and understand. This licensing program is available for Dragon® Group editions and makes it easy for customers to purchase Dragon products from Nuance.

Nuance® PowerMic III
The Nuance® PowerMic IIII is a handheld microphone featuring simplified, thumb-control operation (for dictating, editing, navigating, and reviewing documents using speech recognition), programmable buttons, and integrated mouse functionality. It is ideal for professionals who are looking for new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use and productivity.

Nuance® Management Center
Designed for corporate deployments of Dragon speech recognition solutions, Nuance Management Center provides powerful, yet easy-to-use central user administration capabilities that allow organizations to enable and manage these solutions across multiple users.

Nuance® Dragon Law Enforcement
Employees in law enforcement agencies are becoming overwhelmed with being highly dependent on frequent documentation tasks such as field incident reporting. This is a critical business function that must meet specific criteria for accuracy, timeliness, and regulatory compliance.

To download the resources, please click here.

Citizen Engagement

  • Press Release - Impact Study of Nuance Security Suite Finds Fortune 100 Bank Saved $24M in Fraud Reduction and Operational Costs

    BURLINGTON, Mass., – July 23, 2018Nuance Communications, Inc. today released a new commissioned Forrester Consulting study quantifying the Total Economic Impact and benefits of the Nuance Security Suite solution, which enables organizations to authenticate consumers and prevent fraud through state-of-the-art biometric technology. Forrester found a Fortune 100 multinational bank saved $24M over three years due to avoided fraud incidents and operational savings as a result of deploying the solution.

    Confronted with massive risk of fraud today, companies must impose tough security measures to protect customers' accounts and personal information. In many cases, however, this can come at the expense of the customer experience. Biometrics allows not only for improved security and fraud prevention but does so while simplifying and improving the process for the customer by allowing them to opt into programs that enable authentication through their voice, face, fingerprint and behavioral traits. Nuance’s Security Suite provides this kind of streamlined authentication across channels – from traditional phone-based contact centers to mobile and the web – using hundreds of data points to confirm the individual contacting the company is who they say they are.

    “We have seen the dramatic impact a move to biometrics-based authentication and fraud prevention brings organizations, especially when comparing those initiatives to the historic password, PIN and knowledge-based programs that are behind so many massive breaches and cause headaches for customers,” said Brett Beranek, general manager of the security business for Nuance Enterprise Division. “This study quantifies that experience and spotlights the real ROI deployment brings both from a savings and customer satisfaction perspective.”

    To better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed the global head of contact center operations for the Fortune 100 multinational bank and analyzed aggregated data. They found the deployment of Nuance’s Security Suite:

    • Drove savings due to avoided fraud incidents by $17,905,334 and reduced operational costs for agent-fronted contact centers by $2,487,320
    • Reduced operational costs due to avoided authentication failures in the interactive voice response (IVR) system by $2,213,848 and due to calls contained in the IVR by $1,707,825
    • Improved job satisfaction for customer service representatives, increased sales conversion rates and deterred fraudulent attacks
    • Resulted in a 191% return on investment (ROI)

    Download a copy of the Forrester Total Economic Impact study here and learn more about Nuance’s Security Suite here.

Citizens are consumers, and they expect a much higher level of service than ever before. The services provided by government agencies are critical. That's why it's so important to provide them with quick, simple and secure ways to obtain information and resources across all contact channels.

For more than 20 years, Nuance has delivered intelligent contact center solutions and automated communications to government agencies. From pensions and transportation services to citizen engagement and public security, Nuance solutions can help your agency provide the highest level of service with a ROI that will meet the public scrutiny placed on your budgets.

Conversational IVR solutions can reduce agent call volume through self-service options while efficiently routing calls to the right agencies in your 311 contact center. Virtual assistants, combined with live chat, can navigate website users directly to the information and resources they need and provides answers quickly and easily. Outbound messages and alerts can notify the public via voice, text or email to keep your community safe and informed. Nuance Biometrics can improve security by staying one more step ahead of fraudsters. All while reducing the costs to serve.

Adapt your IVR - fast and efficiently.

Achieve key metrics with a Conversational IVR.

Natural Language Call Routing

Shift callers between channels. Seamlessly.

Recognizing the power of speech.

Vocalizer 7 language and voice availability.

Natural Language Call Steering

Nuance Care Solutions : Nuance Vocalizer Studio

Demo Desk

Nuance Demo Desk

With Nuance Team Lead Elizabeth Savage

Join this monthly demo desk to see how Nuance solutions are:

  • Enabled by digital, voice, outbound, and security products
  • Optimized using our powerful analytics tools
  • All deployed by the industry’s largest global professional services team

Join us for an upcoming session!



Count on Carahsoft

Nuance OmniChannel Portfolio – Crisis Communication and Response

Nuance solutions are enabled by digital, voice, outbound and security products, all optimized using our powerful analytics tools. The Nuance digital customer engagement portfolio combines the best of virtual assistants and human‑assisted customer service engagements into one unified platform. So you can target the right visitor with the right message at the right time—across all digital channels. These unprecedented times create new challenges for contact center and fraud leaders. More than ever, Nuance voice, behavioral and other biometric solutions deliver the security, speed and convenience that brands require and customers love while preventing increased fraud attacks.

Nuance market-leading voice solutions offer AI‑powered, enterprise‑grade speech technologies that enable your organization to create interactive voice response (IVR) and speech solutions that feel almost human.

Nuance Dragon Medical – Telework and Collaboration

Nuance Medical Speech Recognition solutions are designed to accurately translate the physician’s voice into a rich, detailed narrative that feeds directly and seamlessly into all major EHR platforms. These solutions offer the freedom and flexibility to complete patient notes at their convenience and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation.

Nuance Dragon Pro – Productivity Tools

Empower employees to create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving your business time and money with Dragon Professional Group, the enterprise-ready speech recognition solution

Nuance EULA

Nuance Terms and Conditions



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Leave fraudsters and identity thieves speechless with Nuance Security and Biometrics.

Case Study

As one of the largest 311 services in North America, this municipal service platform handles over 20 million calls every year. They streamlined their service by upgrading their IVR to an intelligent, conversational platform with Nuance Natural Language Understanding technology. Now, citizens can ...


Nuance IVR to Digital is an innovative solution for contact centers that optimizes the IVR experience by helping targeted callers move to a digital experience using live chat or virtual assistants.

Engaging the customer in their moment of need One of the key tactics to reduce online abandonment is to ensure that it is easy and convenient to contact a live chat agent. By evaluating the visitor behavior in the digital channel, we can engage with the customer in their moment of need.

Mobile phones are constantly becoming smarter and easier to use, which helps consumers simplify their lives tremendously. Tasks can be completed in their moment-ofneed without wait times, technology hurdles or limitations.

Your customers want proactive outreach from your business. In fact, 85% of consumers are interested in receiving proactive notifications.1 And an astounding 90% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that sends them reminders.

Nuance presents a digital product portfolio for omni-channel customer engagements. Deliver exceptional digital customer engagement and provide exceptional conversations in digital channels on the customer’s terms.

Make life easy for customers and tough for fraudsters Nuance Security Suite enables easy and secure authentication by identifying a person based on their human traits; like their voice, fingerprints, face or even how they use their devices. The problem with PINs, passwords and knowledge-bas...

Consumers today place a high value on speed and convenience, becoming increasingly comfortable with artificially intelligent selfservice to answer questions and solve problems. More human-like, conversational customer care increases self-service, helps differentiate brands, and improves cust...

Empower government professionals to create high-quality documentation faster and more efficiently, while saving your agency time and money, with the Nuance® Dragon® Professional Group public sector speech recognition solution.